Carved in Song

Carved in Song

by Greg Trafidlo

Released 2010
Kira Records
Released 2010
Kira Records
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  • 02:44 Story Lyrics Stateline Getaway
    Greg Trafidlo & Mike Taplinger © 2008

       You can beg me to stay
       For another night or day
       But eventually I’ll ricochet
       ‘Round the curves headin’ out of town
       Girl, I’m bound to stray
       So give a goodbye wave
       Let me hit the streets of this county seat
       And make my stateline getaway

    I think you’ll thank me later
    And later’s comin’ soon
    Soon you’ll wanna hang me
    Though now I hang the moon
    I should love you better
    But darlin’, I just don’t
    No matter how you wish I will
    Girl, you know I won’t

       Repeat Chorus

    Got no rhyme or reason
    For doin’ what I do
    There’s a line I’ll cross over
    Then I’ll be over you
    If you could look into the future
    You would see the light
    And you’d wonder where you went wrong
    Thinking I was Mr. Right

       Repeat Chorus
  • 03:10 Story Lyrics (Life is Like a) Grocery Coupon
        by Greg Trafidlo & Ron Sowell


        “Life is like a grocery coupon
        That you clip from Sunday’s flyer
        Just have faith and it will save you
        If it‘s redeemed ‘fore you expire”

    Many aisles we must walk down
    Many choices we must make
    Will it be paper or plastic?
    Microwave or oven bake?

    Tasty treats and sweet temptations
    We must pass along the way
    But we won’t need paper products
    Just beyond that Pearly Gate

        Repeat Chorus

    Some say you can’t take it with you
    Others say of course you can
    Let the angels bag your groceries
    And guide you to that Promised Land

    When you fill your final basket
    You must be free of fear and doubt
    ‘Fore you face that heavenly scanner
    When it’s time for checking out


    Take heed Oh my Brothers. ‘The line that reads “Express”
    Is only there for others with twenty sins or less

        Repeat chorus
  • 03:12 Story Lyrics Carved in Stone

               CARVED IN STONE

    Cindy Keeling and Greg Trafidlo © 2006

    Hey Sally
    It's been years since I had the chance to come back here
    To our hometown
    Been hanging out on the courthouse square
    By the old memorial there
    reading names of local heroes.
    A few more years
    Few more names
    Few more tears cried at this place
    And more prayers than we'll ever know
    For memories CARVED IN STONE

    Hey Sally
    I just saw your daughter down in Arkansas
    She's doing fine
    She's got two dogs and a piece of land
    Built a cabin with her own hands
    Over three years in the summertime
    She's got your eyes
    Got your steel
    Takes on the world like it's no big deal
    I've always loved her like my own
    Like a promise CARVED IN STONE

    The roads we chose to take
    Took us separate ways
    Before I had the chance to say...

    Hey Sally
    You were the best big sister I could ever have
    And I miss you
    And how we'd walk down here on a summer night
    Talkin' about the things we'd like
    To see and do when we had the time
    But that was then
    Now I stand with
    Two inch letters beneath my hand
    Lieutenant Katherine Sally Jones

    Hey Sally
    It's been years since I had the chance to come back here
    To our hometown

  • 02:44 Story Lyrics Sugar Bowl

          SUGAR BOWL

    Greg Trafidlo © 2008

    For as long as I remember, it happened each December
    (At) That crater in the woods by Gilbert Park
    A bunch of friends together, like bold Olympic sledders
    We'd careen, down that ravine, even after dark


        Oh-oh… Don't you want to go?
        Slipping and a-sliding down a Sugar Bowl

    Those sleds were hard to handle, the runners waxed with candles,
    Used flattened boxes, skis and trash can lids
    My cousin bruised his noggin. Busted his toboggan
    But it didn't mean, a hill of beans, to a happy bunch of kids

    Slush inside our snow boots.
    Bounced over rocks and tree roots.
    Faster than a Burlington train
    You'll wind up in St. Joes Creek, If you don't have the technique
    Then from the top, we'd belly flop, and climb that hill again

        Repeat Chorus


    Now that canyon's not as steep as yesterday
    But it does me good to watch 'em sledding,… in the same old way

        Repeat Chorus

  • 05:33 Story Lyrics Life on Hold
                 LIFE ON HOLD
    Greg Trafidlo & Marc Baskind © 2008

    Been livin’ out this phone call time and time again—
    Didn’t want to, but my mind ain’t been my friend.
    Thought I’d never say it. Denied it but it’s true,
    This life just ain’t worth livin’ without you!

        This is my confession--the pain is always there
        The more you say it’s over, the more I care!
        I’m looking for distractions, but your memory takes control
        Wasting time and spendin’ LIFE ON HOLD!
    Tonight I got so lonely standin’ in a crowd—
    Came home to sleep, but the silence is too loud!
    Can’t stop my heart from hurting, my head won’t let you go—
    That’s why I had to call, and now you know

        So that’s my situation --the pain is always there
        The more I know it’s over, the more I care!
        I’m looking for distractions, but your memory takes control
        Wasting time and spendin’ LIFE ON HOLD
  • 03:58 Story Lyrics Kaleidoscope


    Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2006

    I've tasted you warm and soft as butterscotch
    Shivered when you're gray, as a February day
    Been burned by your red hot fury
    Healed by the green of forgiveness 'long the way
    Oh, kaleidoscope that's just the way you're made

    I've breathed you in fresh and white as a first snow
    Stumbled in the black of your darkest secret fears
    Soared on your purple waves of passion
    Drank in the silver stream of your sweet tears
    Oh, kaleidoscope I'll always want you here

    'Cause I love to watch your colors tumble
    Reflected in your face
    Don't know the reason or the rhyme
    But in the end the crazy jumble
    Falls perfectly in place
    And the pattern will be different every time

    Sometimes a child brash and bright as finger-paints
    Then you're the muted shades of misty morning dreams
    Stood dazzled in your blaze of brilliance
    Lit up by your love, revealing the best in me
    Oh, kaleidoscope you're set my wild heart free

  • 02:48 Story Lyrics Arfin' Dog

                         ARFIN' DOG

                Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips

           (Sung to the tune of: “Orphan Girl”
    By Gillian Welch © 1994 Irving Music, Inc. BMI)

    I am a beggar in God's doorway
    Call my name and I'll come your way
    I have no brother, no cousin
    Adopted -­ I wasn’t
    I am an Arfin' Dog

    I was abandoned by my mother
    There were no others in my litter
    I have no father to go with me
    Down to Six Wags chasing Frisbees
    I am an Arfin’ dog

    Other puppies, always cuter
    At the pound where I was neutered
    No best friend, no sister
    Help me Jesus, Hairy Krishna
    I am an Arfin’ dog

    When my master calls me, I’ll be able
    To eat scraps from the family table
    Blessed Savior, pure and shaggy
    Take my leash and make me waggy
    No more an Arfin’ dog

    [Refrain sung to the tune of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”]

    I will learn to be housebroken
    By and by Lord, by and by
    There’s a leather bone a-waitin’
    In the back yard in the sky

  • 04:35 Story Lyrics Adios Idaho
                        ADIOS IDAHO
                    Greg Trafidlo © 2009

    Last place I saw Ronnie, was a bar up in Sandpoint
    We's knockin' back Cuervo like it's goin' outta style
    He just came off the road, haulin' logs from Missoula
    Needed a shower, a shave and a smile

    He said, "I used to think truckin' was a ticket to freedom
    But here is my promise, Bro
    Soon I'll be livin' with some senorita
    Down on the bay 'round Playa Rojo"

        Via con Dios' Go with the flow
        But, take care when you say "Adios Idaho"

    Ron, I've heard that stuff since we was both kids
    Dreamed we'd be hombres, two bad buckaroos
    You ain't getting' no closer, just grayer and older
    You'll be back in this tavern in a week, maybe two

    He said, I just got me a visa, and mean when I say
    I'll be there before you know
    Buyin' margaritas for good lookin' Chiquita's
    While you're plowin' through the Coeur d' Alene snow"

        Repeat Chorus

    Then he staggered out, fired up his Kenworth
    Headed toward Boise, down Route nintyfive
    They say that he jackknifed just North of Riggins
    If he wore his damn seat belt, might still be alive

    Now I stand on the shore with a handful of ashes
    By the Gulf of Mexico
    Mixin' sand and the surf and drinkin’ buddy
    Farewell mi Amigo. Now, go with the flow
    You kept that promise. Go with the flow

    Adios Idaho… Adios Idaho…
  • 04:17 Download Story Lyrics Talking White House Cleaning Blues


          Greg Trafidlo & Ron Sowell © 2008

    Well I lost my job at the end of ‘o8
    Downsized and out - was my my fate
    Nothing to wear, nothin’ to do
    So I found me a job on a cleaning crew
    Cleaning offices, cleaning buildings
    Cleaning houses….
    in Washington D.C.

    Worked real hard… In no time it seems
    They put me in charge of my own team
    One day the boss said “I want you…
    To go to Pennsylvania Avenue
    1600! Big ole place Got a fence around it
    ..and a flag on top”

    Now, I heard the man who lived in the house
    Was eager to leave, and get on out
    Back to Texas to clear his head
    Hanging out on his little spread
    Cutting Brush…Spending time in his library
    With his book!….Coloring

    The guard at the gate let us through
    But only after an hour or two
    Verified ID’s. X-Rayed the van
    Background checks. I’m telling you man
    He was thorough!… Bomb sniffing dogs
    I’m talking’ cavity searches.

    They gave us clearance
    and we commenced to clean
    We brought in brooms
    And the steam machine
    We cleaned the couches walls and stairs
    Cleaned the windows and chandeliers
    It was spotless….we were tired
    So we laid down to take a nap…
    In the Lincoln Bedroom.

    Then we moved on to the second floor
    At the end of the hall was a big oak door
    A brass plate said President
    We turned the knob and in we went
    Strange room..
    No corners.... Big desk...
    Red phone

    We shook the dust from the Stripes and Stars
    And from an old box of Cuban cigars
    Washed out a dirty coffee mug
    Lifted the corner of the presidential rug
    That’s when we got a big surprise!
    It was amazing!
    What they covered up

    Intelligence reports-never been read
    Stacks of votes with hanging chads
    A request to the Pope for absolution
    WMD’s, the Constitution
    From Halliburton, thank you cards
    Missing records from the National Guard
    And perhaps the most surprising find
    It was a child left behind!

    Under a bookcase…a secret door
    With steps down to another floor
    Deep, deep in a basement where
    We found a cave called “Chaney’s Lair”
    But we couldn’t find that Chaney..whatever it is!
    Met another fellow tough...Tall guy
    No sense of humor
    His name was Ben! Benny… Benny Laden

    Said he was from the Secret Service
    But he talked real funny…made me nervous
    So we said goodbye….went back upstairs
    Mighty glad to get out of there
    I dusted the lights…and a two way mirror
    And everything got a whole bunch clearer…
    Once we replaced the dim bulb

    Sometimes I ponder what it means
    Did it really happen or was it just a dream
    But the proof’s right there on my living room wall
    A souvenir that says it all—
    Big banner…. Bold and brash
    Tells how good it feels to clean the house…
    And take out the trash…
    Just says “Mission Accomplished!”

  • 03:15 Story Lyrics Tricks on the Heart


    Mary Gordon Hall & Greg Trafidlo © 2008

    I remember when you first charmed a kiss from me
    That illusive look in your eyes
    Felt perfectly real in your arms that night
    It took me right there by surprise

    I made believe something magical happened
    Conjured up romance
    We gave love a chance
    Now I’m ending the dance
    We were fooling ourselves from the start
    You can't play those tricks on the heart

    Elixired emotions
    Passionate potions
    Enchanted tempestuous fire
    But when it's not true
    What more can you do
    Than temper deceptive desire

    It might have been the summer spell in the starlight
    Or the siren song of the moon
    I gave love a chance
    Now awake from the trance
    I was fooling myself from the start
    You can't play those tricks
    No, you can't play those tricks
    You can't play those tricks.... on the heart

  • 03:39 Story Lyrics Let Me Break Even

            LET ME BREAK EVEN

    Marc Baskind & Greg Trafidlo © 2007

    "Seven come eleven" 'neath the bleachers
    Felt lucky down to my soul
    Weight of the world on my skinny shoulders
    Had my lunch money on that roll

    Thought I was a high school hustler
    Daddy woulda whooped me if he had known
    Fell on my knees. Kissed the dice
    Said "Let me break even, before I have to go home!"

    I see your pair and raise you twenty
    They played for keeps. I was in the hole
    Bet the rent and the grocery money
    My wife would leave me if the truth be told

    Late again, way past midnight
    I called, but she hung up the phone
    I'd fall on my knees, and beg for mercy
    Tried to break even, before I headed home


        Breakin' even… means leavin' the way that I arrived
        Look what I lost, so I could win
        The bigger the bet, the bolder I'd get. Made me feel alive
        Now the stakes are greater than they've ever been

    Tell me Doc, do you think I'm gonna make it?
    Or have I drawn a dead mans' hand?
    Gotta get my friends together
    Tell 'em all I'm cashin' in

    Say a prayer for the ones I cheated
    Sweet release for the grief I've sown
    Back on my knees. Beg forgiveness.
    Lord let me break even before you call me home
    Let me break even before you call me home

  • 02:37 Story Lyrics The Artist

                THE ARTIST

    Greg Trafidlo & Dean Milano © 2008

    Sitting’ in a tavern
    On Ashland Avenue
    Grabbed a window seat to beat the heat
    And down a brew or two

    This guy comes through the doorway
    A real sight to behold
    Heavy set, wet with sweat
    His face was flecked with gold

    He took the stool beside me
    Kept staring ‘cross the street
    Let out a curse (Hey, I’ve heard worse)
    Then he began to speak

    That second “D” in D.D.S
    The outline should be thicker
    This poor chump was in the dumps
    He ordered up more liquor

    See, he was a man of letters
    Like some artist of renown
    Writing names on window panes
    On offices ‘round town

    Eighteen carat characters
    Precisely lined in black
    Like stuff you’d cop from a jewelry shop
    This guy just had the knack

    Barkeep poured another
    Then looked outside to see
    Said “What the hey, Call it a day,
    ‘Looks OK to me”

    The guy says “Think about it”
    My work’s a thing of art
    To you its’ fine, just a sign
    To me, my calling card

    He listed little to the left
    Then pulled himself together
    Gathered up, his paint and brush
    To fix that vexing letter.

    Up his wooden ladder
    This second story man
    Put on a show for folks below
    With his once steady hand

    He teetered and he tottered
    And down the painter went
    With a thud, like a sack of spuds
    In a heap on the cement

    The sidewalk’s red and black and gold
    Where this low-rent Rembrandt lay
    The coppers said, “Dis guy’s stone dead
    Just some drunk D.O.A.”

    Now I ain’t no philosopher
    So don’t ask my advice
    But, It don’t seem smart to die for art
    Perfection’s got a price

  • 03:32 Story Lyrics Always a Train in My Dreams / Raised By the Railroad Line
          Steve Gillette & John Quarto

    The trains ran past our house in the summertime
    But it was the whistles that carried me away
    That’s a feeling that is clear within this heart of mine
    And it gets a little stronger every day

    All through high school, time and time again
    I’d stare out the window and wait for a sign
    Seems like it was always written down, on the railroad line

    There was always a train in my dreams
    Always a railroad, runnin’ right under me
    There was never a night when I wasn’t free
    There was always a train in my dreams

    The years have peeled back like an old onion skin
    Gets sweeter and sweeter as the rain rolls in
    I know how it sounds and now I know what it means
    There was always a train in my dreams

         Paul Craft, Ensign Music, BMI

    The clickety sound of the southbound freight
    And the high-speed hum of the passenger train
    Becomes a part of the soul and a part of the mind
    Of the boy that’s raised by the railroad line

    The sound of the whistle at the cross in the road
    And the tanks and the trucks and the tractors on the flat car load
    Becomes a part of the soul and the heart and the mind
    Of the boy that’s raised by the railroad line


    And the big round penny that you lay on the rail and the wheels mash flat
    And a glimpse of the faces of the ladies and the men and the engineer’s hat
    And the brakeman waves from the red caboose
    He’s part of the past that never quite turns loose
    A part of the soul and the heart and the mind
    Of the boy raised by the railroad line
  • 02:46 Story Lyrics Wynken, Blynken and Nod


    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
    Sailed off in a wooden shoe --
    Sailed on a river of crystal light,
    Into a sea of dew.
    "Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
    The old moon asked the three.
    "We have come to fish for the herring fish
    That live in the beautiful sea;
    Nets of silver and gold have we!"
    Said Wynken,
    And Nod.

    The old moon laughed and sang a song,
    As they rocked in the wooden shoe,
    And the wind that sped them all night long
    Ruffled the waves of dew.
    The little stars were the herring fish
    That lived in that beautiful sea --
    "Now cast your nets wherever you wish --
    Never afeard are we";
    So sang the stars to the fishermen three:
    And Nod.

    All night long their nets they threw
    To the stars in the twinkling foam --
    Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe,
    Bringing the fishermen home;
    'Twas all so pretty a sight it seemed
    As if it could not be,
    And some folks thought 't was a dream they 'd dreamed
    Of sailing that beautiful sea --
    But I shall name you the fishermen three:
    And Nod.

    Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
    And Nod is a little head,
    And the wooden shoe that sails the skies
    Is a wee one's trundle-bed.
    So close your eyes while I sing
    Of the wonderful sights that be,
    And you shall see the beautiful things
    As you rock in the misty sea,
    Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:
    And Nod.

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