Carved in Song

Adios Idaho

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


Poignant story about friendship and unfulfilled dreams.


                    ADIOS IDAHO
                Greg Trafidlo © 2009

Last place I saw Ronnie, was a bar up in Sandpoint
We's knockin' back Cuervo like it's goin' outta style
He just came off the road, haulin' logs from Missoula
Needed a shower, a shave and a smile

He said, "I used to think truckin' was a ticket to freedom
But here is my promise, Bro
Soon I'll be livin' with some senorita
Down on the bay 'round Playa Rojo"

    Via con Dios' Go with the flow
    But, take care when you say "Adios Idaho"

Ron, I've heard that stuff since we was both kids
Dreamed we'd be hombres, two bad buckaroos
You ain't getting' no closer, just grayer and older
You'll be back in this tavern in a week, maybe two

He said, I just got me a visa, and mean when I say
I'll be there before you know
Buyin' margaritas for good lookin' Chiquita's
While you're plowin' through the Coeur d' Alene snow"

    Repeat Chorus

Then he staggered out, fired up his Kenworth
Headed toward Boise, down Route nintyfive
They say that he jackknifed just North of Riggins
If he wore his damn seat belt, might still be alive

Now I stand on the shore with a handful of ashes
By the Gulf of Mexico
Mixin' sand and the surf and drinkin’ buddy
Farewell mi Amigo. Now, go with the flow
You kept that promise. Go with the flow

Adios Idaho… Adios Idaho…
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