Carved in Song

Carved in Stone

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Cindy Keeling


A loved one's plaintive story remembering a fallen soldier. See the YouTube music video for this song starring Laura Pole, Terry Dollar and the now dear departed furry companions: Rumi, the greyhound, and Ralph Bravetail, Canine American.


           CARVED IN STONE

Cindy Keeling and Greg Trafidlo © 2006

Hey Sally
It's been years since I had the chance to come back here
To our hometown
Been hanging out on the courthouse square
By the old memorial there
reading names of local heroes.
A few more years
Few more names
Few more tears cried at this place
And more prayers than we'll ever know
For memories CARVED IN STONE

Hey Sally
I just saw your daughter down in Arkansas
She's doing fine
She's got two dogs and a piece of land
Built a cabin with her own hands
Over three years in the summertime
She's got your eyes
Got your steel
Takes on the world like it's no big deal
I've always loved her like my own
Like a promise CARVED IN STONE

The roads we chose to take
Took us separate ways
Before I had the chance to say...

Hey Sally
You were the best big sister I could ever have
And I miss you
And how we'd walk down here on a summer night
Talkin' about the things we'd like
To see and do when we had the time
But that was then
Now I stand with
Two inch letters beneath my hand
Lieutenant Katherine Sally Jones

Hey Sally
It's been years since I had the chance to come back here
To our hometown

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