Carved in Song


Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


Ode to a lover's multi-faceted personality. Hot fiddle by George Strait's Ace in the Hole Band and Lyle Lovett's Large Band fiddle player, Gene Elders.



Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2006

I've tasted you warm and soft as butterscotch
Shivered when you're gray, as a February day
Been burned by your red hot fury
Healed by the green of forgiveness 'long the way
Oh, kaleidoscope that's just the way you're made

I've breathed you in fresh and white as a first snow
Stumbled in the black of your darkest secret fears
Soared on your purple waves of passion
Drank in the silver stream of your sweet tears
Oh, kaleidoscope I'll always want you here

'Cause I love to watch your colors tumble
Reflected in your face
Don't know the reason or the rhyme
But in the end the crazy jumble
Falls perfectly in place
And the pattern will be different every time

Sometimes a child brash and bright as finger-paints
Then you're the muted shades of misty morning dreams
Stood dazzled in your blaze of brilliance
Lit up by your love, revealing the best in me
Oh, kaleidoscope you're set my wild heart free

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