Carved in Song

Let Me Break Even

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Marc Baskind


A gambler's lament about risk and hope.



Marc Baskind & Greg Trafidlo © 2007

"Seven come eleven" 'neath the bleachers
Felt lucky down to my soul
Weight of the world on my skinny shoulders
Had my lunch money on that roll

Thought I was a high school hustler
Daddy woulda whooped me if he had known
Fell on my knees. Kissed the dice
Said "Let me break even, before I have to go home!"

I see your pair and raise you twenty
They played for keeps. I was in the hole
Bet the rent and the grocery money
My wife would leave me if the truth be told

Late again, way past midnight
I called, but she hung up the phone
I'd fall on my knees, and beg for mercy
Tried to break even, before I headed home


    Breakin' even… means leavin' the way that I arrived
    Look what I lost, so I could win
    The bigger the bet, the bolder I'd get. Made me feel alive
    Now the stakes are greater than they've ever been

Tell me Doc, do you think I'm gonna make it?
Or have I drawn a dead mans' hand?
Gotta get my friends together
Tell 'em all I'm cashin' in

Say a prayer for the ones I cheated
Sweet release for the grief I've sown
Back on my knees. Beg forgiveness.
Lord let me break even before you call me home
Let me break even before you call me home

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