Carved in Song

Stateline Getaway

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Mike Taplinger


Performed with The Infamous Stringdusters!


Greg Trafidlo & Mike Taplinger © 2008

   You can beg me to stay
   For another night or day
   But eventually I’ll ricochet
   ‘Round the curves headin’ out of town
   Girl, I’m bound to stray
   So give a goodbye wave
   Let me hit the streets of this county seat
   And make my stateline getaway

I think you’ll thank me later
And later’s comin’ soon
Soon you’ll wanna hang me
Though now I hang the moon
I should love you better
But darlin’, I just don’t
No matter how you wish I will
Girl, you know I won’t

   Repeat Chorus

Got no rhyme or reason
For doin’ what I do
There’s a line I’ll cross over
Then I’ll be over you
If you could look into the future
You would see the light
And you’d wonder where you went wrong
Thinking I was Mr. Right

   Repeat Chorus
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