Carved in Song

Sugar Bowl

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


Yep, all true memories of Greg's childhood sledding at a park near his home in Downers Grove, Illinois.



Greg Trafidlo © 2008

For as long as I remember, it happened each December
(At) That crater in the woods by Gilbert Park
A bunch of friends together, like bold Olympic sledders
We'd careen, down that ravine, even after dark


    Oh-oh… Don't you want to go?
    Slipping and a-sliding down a Sugar Bowl

Those sleds were hard to handle, the runners waxed with candles,
Used flattened boxes, skis and trash can lids
My cousin bruised his noggin. Busted his toboggan
But it didn't mean, a hill of beans, to a happy bunch of kids

Slush inside our snow boots.
Bounced over rocks and tree roots.
Faster than a Burlington train
You'll wind up in St. Joes Creek, If you don't have the technique
Then from the top, we'd belly flop, and climb that hill again

    Repeat Chorus


Now that canyon's not as steep as yesterday
But it does me good to watch 'em sledding,… in the same old way

    Repeat Chorus

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