Carved in Song

Tricks on the Heart

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Mary Gordon Hall


About walking away and breaking the spell of "deceptive desire."



Mary Gordon Hall & Greg Trafidlo © 2008

I remember when you first charmed a kiss from me
That illusive look in your eyes
Felt perfectly real in your arms that night
It took me right there by surprise

I made believe something magical happened
Conjured up romance
We gave love a chance
Now I’m ending the dance
We were fooling ourselves from the start
You can't play those tricks on the heart

Elixired emotions
Passionate potions
Enchanted tempestuous fire
But when it's not true
What more can you do
Than temper deceptive desire

It might have been the summer spell in the starlight
Or the siren song of the moon
I gave love a chance
Now awake from the trance
I was fooling myself from the start
You can't play those tricks
No, you can't play those tricks
You can't play those tricks.... on the heart

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