Co-Writers In Disguise

Co-Writers in Disguise

by Greg Trafidlo

Released 2002
Kira Records
Released 2002
Kira Records
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  • 02:24 Story Lyrics Waiting For The Light To Change


                       Greg Trafidlo


    She didn’t have a plan

    When she left him back in Cheyenne.

    With all he put her through,

    She might miss him in a year or two.


          Stop. Caution. Go.

          She’ standing in the Memphis rain.

          Watching the traffic flow.

          And waiting for the light, just waiting for the light to change.


    When love went bad to worse,

    She had a talk with the universe.

    Then she took the leap,

    That brought her to this corner on Beale Street.


         Green. Yellow. Red.

         Smiling in the Memphis rain

         ‘followed her heart instead. 

         She’s just waiting for the light, waiting for the light to change


                          She’s declared her independence.

                          The girl’s gonna seize the day

                          Gonna lose her blues in Memphis

                         And the only sign she will obey…(is)…


          Walk. Run Fly.

          She’s dancing in the Memphis rain.

          Soon she’ll reach for the sky.

          For now she’s waiting for the light, trying to find the light,

          Waiting for the light to change.

  • 02:31 Story Lyrics Holding The Bag

                        Holding The Bag

                               c 2000

                 Greg Trafidlo & Mike Pearrell


    Street lamps flicker, getting near dark

    He sits on a bench in Washington Park

    Gray hair, black skin, a hunch in his back

    Holding tight…to a brown paper sack.


    "What cha got there?  I asked and sat down.

    'Don't rightly know" and he looked around

    Two guys gave it to me 'couple hours ago

    'Said to keep it under wraps…and if I looked they'd know.


          He was holding the bag.  Just holding the bag

          'Guards the only treasure this poor mans' ever had

          Holding the bag


    "Let's take a look", I egged him on

    'Can't, I'm afraid, they'll be back 'fore long"

    He looked troubled like he couldn't decide

    Then he opened up the sack…and to my surprize.


        A ten-cent mirror was all I could see

        That cast a poor reflection of me

        He walked away with the words I won't forget

       "What you learn in this life ain't always what you expect"


    Holding the bag.  I'm still holding the bag

    He disappeared into the dark, and I heard him laugh

    While I'm holding the bag.


    Holding the bag. 


    Just holding the bag….

  • 04:46 Story Lyrics Je Vive Dans Un Reve

      Je Vive Dans Un Reve (I lIve In A Dream)

                        Greg Trafidlo

            © 2004 KiraPole Music, BMI


    Les annees ont une maniere pour arreter le mal

    Mais toute il a tenu est te voyais encore

    Revient s'il vous plait avec l'amour c'etait perdu

    J'attendrai avec asperance toujours


         Tu vive la vie j'ai pense' nous pouvons partager

          J'ai pleure' dans les annees', parce que je t'aime encore

         Et je vive dans un reve depuis tu'es loin d'ici

         Mais tu passes de tous les jours partout ma vie


    Quand me'me le temps a change' plus que ton name

    Dans mon coeur c'est tout la me'me chose

    Ton amour c'est tout que j'ai besoin

    Je prie que tu vas entre la mienne un autre fois


    The years have a way to dull the pain

    All it took was to see you again

    Please come back with the love that's been lost

    I'll be waiting with my fingers crossed


         Now you're living the life that I thought we could share

         I've cried through the years 'cause the feeling's still there

         And I live in a dream, since you're far away

         But you pass through my life everyday


    Though time has changed more than your name

    Deep inside I still feel the same

    Faded love's all that I'm living for

    How I pray you'll be mine once more

  • 03:12 Story Lyrics The Ballad of Libby Congriss


         Greg Trafidlo and Neal Phillips

    In the spring of '29
    A cabin porch in Caroline
    Libby Congriss' sang so loud and shrill
    And the cackle of her voice still makes me ill.

    She wrote the music and the words
    'Bout wildwood flowers and mockingbirds
    All that stuff you're not supposed to kill
    When she hovers 'round the stage it gives me chills

       I see her ghost /in the lonesome valleys,
       From Music Row/ to Tin Pan Alley
       She'll walks these hills/ on dark and stormy nights
       'Cause I'm the creep* who stole her copyrights

    'Came up to her mountain home
    'Tape recorder and microphone
    'Said "pretty maid, sing your tunes for me"
    I'll save your songs for all posterity

    I headed back to Bristol town
    And there I passed her songs around
    Sang her lines with no thought of permission
    'Said I found them in the mountains, "They're tradition (al)

        Repeat Chorus:* (Jerk)

    She took sick and passed away
    Her songs grew famous anyway
    And I'm a star on the Grand Ol' Op-er-y
    And no one knows who wrote those tunes but me.

        Last Chorus

    I pray to those in music heaven
    For all my sins to be forgiven
    'Cause Libby's like a bloodhound on my trail
    Chasing me in her dirty long black veil

        Repeat Chorus *(putz!)

  • 02:18 Story Lyrics Simple As Dirt


         (A Love) SIMPLE AS DIRT

                    Greg Trafidlo

                       c 1999


    'Growing old

    You search your soul

    When happiness is plain as a denim shirt

    To find yourself through someone else

    Start with a love

    Simple as dirt


         When you say "For better or worse"

         It's the key to love…Simple as dirt


    'Over achieve,

    'You start to believe

    You're only rich as your net worth

    The bottom line… You'll do just fine

    Just keep it simple. Simple as dirt


         When you learn… why you're on this earth

         You'll work on a life…Simple as dirt


          Wouldn't it be nice to live like that!

          With a loving wife, a house, a kid, a car, a dog …and a cat


    Can't tell you why…but it works

    Stick to a love…Simple as dirt

    …A life…Simple as dirt.

  • 03:50 Story Lyrics You Needed You

                      YOU NEEDED YOU

                          Greg Trafidlo


    You say that you are going,

    Things are changing, and you're growing.

    It's time to find what matters in this life.

    You said you needed space

    To meet new faces, other places.

    It's not enough for you to be a wife.


    BUILD 1:

    That conversation cut me to the core.

    I felt a pain I never felt before...




          You need you more than you need me.

          I won't be a part of your destiny.

          You’ll find that freedom isn't free.

          You needed you, more than you needed me.


    Something's' gained, someone's lost.

    Your journey has a cost

    When dreams of new directions take their toll.

    There is nothing sadder

    To find what really mattered

    Was a shattered heart discarded by the road.


    BUILD 2:

    So spread those new-found wings for parts unknown

    Just don’t look back on the love you left back home…





         You'll keep reaching for some semi-precious star

         'Til you can be content, with the wonder that you are



  • 03:39 Story Lyrics Angelina Baker/Angeline the Baker
                           Angeline The Baker
                             by Stephan Foster
                        Traditional Public Domain
    'Way down on the old plantation. There's where I was born.
    I used to beat the whole creation Hoein' in the corn.
    Oh, then I work and then I sing, So happy all the day,
    Till Angeline the Baker stole my heart away.
        Angeline the Baker! Angeline the Baker's gone;
       She left me here to weep a tear, and beat on the old jawbone.
    I've seen my Angelina In the springtime and the fall,
    I've seen her in the cornfield And I've seen her at the ball;
    And every time I met her She was smiling like the sun;
    But, now I'm left to weep a tear 'Cause Angelina's gone
    Repeat Chorus
    Early in the morning, On a lovely summer day,
    I asked for Angelina, And they say: "She's gone away."
     I don't know where to find her, 'Cause I don't know where she's gone;
    She left me here to weep a tear and beat on the old jaw bone.

    Repeat chorus
  • 04:10 Story Lyrics Don't Take Your Gut To Town
                       Greg Trafidlo © 2002
    Parody of “Don’t Take Your Gun to Town" by Johnny Cash
         Ann-Rachel Music/Bughouse Music, ACSAP

    Billy Ray on New Years day was looking in the mirror
    His poor physique was getting weak. It couldn't been much clearer
    From all the bars and fat cigars, 'twas hard to get around
    Then a little voice said, "it's your choice,
    But don't take your gut to town son, leave your gut at home Bill
    Don't take your gut to town."

    Bill got scared as he stared. The scale stared back at him.
    This scenario was quite a blow, so he headed for the gym
    He had enough of puffin' up. He'd put on sixty pounds
    But in his head, that small voice said,
    "Don't take your gut to town."

    He was a sight in Spandex tights, like they had never seen
    Looking like a reject from Prevention Magazine
    The steam room heat, Athletes feet. Caused his heart to pound
    And in his brain, it screamed again
    "Don't take your gut to town."

    Out of breath, close to death on the stationary bike,
    From Nautilus, Aerobics, Stair Master and the like.
    With lungs on fire and no desire to hear that disco sound
    His foolish pride said go outside,…
    "Don't take your gut to town."

    Tired and numb, he succumbed to pain and appetite
    When a little man in a pizza van pulled into Billy's sight
    To see that cook was all it took to get our boy unwound
    Then the slogan slips from Billy's lips,
    "Don't take your gut to town."

    In a cloud of dust, Deep Dish crust and mozzarella cheese
    Billy rushed the pizza truck like the beach at Normandy
    Almost lost in tomato sauce, our hero nearly drowned
    He showed no shame, when the warning came,
    "Don't take your gut to town."

    Mushrooms, spinach, peppers, cheese, flew all around the truck.
    Billy's face looked like a Caesar salad run amok.
    Then a team from S.W.A.T., and thirteen cops, tied old Billy down
    And he heard the words like cartoon birds,
    "Don't take your gut to town son,
    Leave your gut at home Bill,
    Stay away from Gold's… Gym,
    You'll be deader than a door…Matt.
    Don't take your gut to town"
  • 03:09 Story Lyrics What Can We Learn From This?


                            Greg Trafidlo

                                 c 2006 




       Charlie's comin'…in the night


       Do your duty…firefight


       Follow orders…stay alive


       America…wrong or right


       You've got to stand your ground so freedom can exist


     What can we learn? What can we live from this?




       Green bamboo trees, mountain breezes


       Weak will overcome the strong


       Right will overcome the wrong


      Winds of change blow in the morning mist


      What… can we learn…from this?




        Can you see what they've done with our money and our sons? 


        Then they lie and tell us what this killing's for


        Draft cards will burn, "turn, turn, turn"; we'll be studying war no more


        When our brothers die, the people rise up and resist


        What can we learn from this? What can we learn from this?



  • 03:05 Story Lyrics Love 'Em While You've Got 'Em

                 Love 'Em While You Got 'Em

                 Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin

       KiraPole Music, BMI & Barbara Martin Music, BMI

                               c 2005


    I wait tables all day, long hours, short pay


     I see folks a'fussin', ' Ain't my place to say


    Like that couple on the right, haven't spoken all night


    But if they'd see, what I see, they might see the light


            You've got to love 'em while you've got 'em


            Don't be afraid to let it show


           'Cause tomorrow may never come


            So you've got to let 'em know


    There's a business-like one with his wife and a son


    He pays more attention to his cellular phone


    But there's a couple in here, married 53 years


    Folks ask, "What's your secret", well it's perfectly clear


          Repeat Chorus



                       Here's a tip, take it from me,

                       It cost me plenty, but it's your for free.


          Repeat Chorus



                               You've got to let 'it show

  • 02:48 Story Lyrics 'Tis The Season

                         'Tis the Season

               Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin

                             © 2000


    When the last leaf falls from the oak's mighty limbs

    Winter winds growl, so we hurry on in

    Store the harvest, stoke the fires high

    Gather our forces for the long solstice night


          Tis the season, not just the day

          Drivin' the demons of darkness away

          Raise our spirits, raising our voice

          We'll summon the sun with a joyful noise


    When the firstflake drifts from the sky

    Mother Earth gathers her blanket of white

    We huddle closer to keep ourselves warm

    Telling the stories from ages before


       Repeat Chorus


    When the lastgift's wrapped on the Holy Day Eve

    And you're weary and wondering what to believe

    Walk in the grove and ask the oak tree

    What holly, Yule logs and mistletoe mean


      Repeat Chorus

  • 03:20 Story Lyrics Beginners' Heart

                BEGINNER'S HEART

            Greg Trafidlo & Rick Gordon

    Maybe you and I are no spring chickens
    We’ve been around the block a time or two
    But I can still recall the thrill of a teenage kiss and
    That’s the way I feel when I’m with you

       I’m gonna love you with a beginner’s heart
       Honest and open and free
       There’s nothing we can’t do with a brand new start
       Baby, if you agree, begin again with me

    Sure we made mistakes when we were younger
    Without them we might not be here tonight
    Lord knows we were lonely ‘til we found each other
    Now I’d be lost without you in my life

       I’m gonna love you with a beginner’s heart
       Honest and open and free
       There’s nothing we can’t do with a brand new start
       Baby, if you agree, begin again with me

    In the past we might have laughed away the feeling
    But you and I have seen enough
    To know we’ve found the real thing

       I’m gonna love you with a beginner’s heart
       Honest and open and free
       There’s nothing we can’t do with a brand new start
       Baby, if you agree, begin again with me

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