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Angelina Baker/Angeline the Baker

Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal
Stephen Foster


A Stephen Foster ballad that has turned into a standard "old time" fiddle tune. Muriel Anderson on finger-style guitar.


                       Angeline The Baker
                         by Stephan Foster
                    Traditional Public Domain
'Way down on the old plantation. There's where I was born.
I used to beat the whole creation Hoein' in the corn.
Oh, then I work and then I sing, So happy all the day,
Till Angeline the Baker stole my heart away.
    Angeline the Baker! Angeline the Baker's gone;
   She left me here to weep a tear, and beat on the old jawbone.
I've seen my Angelina In the springtime and the fall,
I've seen her in the cornfield And I've seen her at the ball;
And every time I met her She was smiling like the sun;
But, now I'm left to weep a tear 'Cause Angelina's gone
Repeat Chorus
Early in the morning, On a lovely summer day,
I asked for Angelina, And they say: "She's gone away."
 I don't know where to find her, 'Cause I don't know where she's gone;
She left me here to weep a tear and beat on the old jaw bone.

Repeat chorus
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