Co-Writers In Disguise

Holding The Bag

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Mike Pearrell


Deals with the lessons and embarrassment created by false assumptions.


                    Holding The Bag

                           c 2000

             Greg Trafidlo & Mike Pearrell


Street lamps flicker, getting near dark

He sits on a bench in Washington Park

Gray hair, black skin, a hunch in his back

Holding tight…to a brown paper sack.


"What cha got there?  I asked and sat down.

'Don't rightly know" and he looked around

Two guys gave it to me 'couple hours ago

'Said to keep it under wraps…and if I looked they'd know.


      He was holding the bag.  Just holding the bag

      'Guards the only treasure this poor mans' ever had

      Holding the bag


"Let's take a look", I egged him on

'Can't, I'm afraid, they'll be back 'fore long"

He looked troubled like he couldn't decide

Then he opened up the sack…and to my surprize.


    A ten-cent mirror was all I could see

    That cast a poor reflection of me

    He walked away with the words I won't forget

   "What you learn in this life ain't always what you expect"


Holding the bag.  I'm still holding the bag

He disappeared into the dark, and I heard him laugh

While I'm holding the bag.


Holding the bag. 


Just holding the bag….

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