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Love 'Em While You've Got 'Em

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


A poignant story of a waiter who has seen it all.


             Love 'Em While You Got 'Em

             Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin

   KiraPole Music, BMI & Barbara Martin Music, BMI

                           c 2005


I wait tables all day, long hours, short pay


 I see folks a'fussin', ' Ain't my place to say


Like that couple on the right, haven't spoken all night


But if they'd see, what I see, they might see the light


        You've got to love 'em while you've got 'em


        Don't be afraid to let it show


       'Cause tomorrow may never come


        So you've got to let 'em know


There's a business-like one with his wife and a son


He pays more attention to his cellular phone


But there's a couple in here, married 53 years


Folks ask, "What's your secret", well it's perfectly clear


      Repeat Chorus



                   Here's a tip, take it from me,

                   It cost me plenty, but it's your for free.


      Repeat Chorus



                           You've got to let 'it show

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