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Simple As Dirt

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


A medium-tempo tune about getting back to basics. "Can't tell you why, but it works. Stick to a love simple as dirt."



     (A Love) SIMPLE AS DIRT

                Greg Trafidlo

                   c 1999


'Growing old

You search your soul

When happiness is plain as a denim shirt

To find yourself through someone else

Start with a love

Simple as dirt


     When you say "For better or worse"

     It's the key to love…Simple as dirt


'Over achieve,

'You start to believe

You're only rich as your net worth

The bottom line… You'll do just fine

Just keep it simple. Simple as dirt


     When you learn… why you're on this earth

     You'll work on a life…Simple as dirt


      Wouldn't it be nice to live like that!

      With a loving wife, a house, a kid, a car, a dog …and a cat


Can't tell you why…but it works

Stick to a love…Simple as dirt

…A life…Simple as dirt.

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