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'Tis The Season

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


A rhythmic pre-Christian holiday song! "We'll summon the sun with a joyful noise."


                     'Tis the Season

           Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin

                         © 2000


When the last leaf falls from the oak's mighty limbs

Winter winds growl, so we hurry on in

Store the harvest, stoke the fires high

Gather our forces for the long solstice night


      Tis the season, not just the day

      Drivin' the demons of darkness away

      Raise our spirits, raising our voice

      We'll summon the sun with a joyful noise


When the firstflake drifts from the sky

Mother Earth gathers her blanket of white

We huddle closer to keep ourselves warm

Telling the stories from ages before


   Repeat Chorus


When the lastgift's wrapped on the Holy Day Eve

And you're weary and wondering what to believe

Walk in the grove and ask the oak tree

What holly, Yule logs and mistletoe mean


  Repeat Chorus

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