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Waiting For The Light To Change

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


An empowering story of a woman coming of age in Memphis.



                   Greg Trafidlo


She didn’t have a plan

When she left him back in Cheyenne.

With all he put her through,

She might miss him in a year or two.


      Stop. Caution. Go.

      She’ standing in the Memphis rain.

      Watching the traffic flow.

      And waiting for the light, just waiting for the light to change.


When love went bad to worse,

She had a talk with the universe.

Then she took the leap,

That brought her to this corner on Beale Street.


     Green. Yellow. Red.

     Smiling in the Memphis rain

     ‘followed her heart instead. 

     She’s just waiting for the light, waiting for the light to change


                      She’s declared her independence.

                      The girl’s gonna seize the day

                      Gonna lose her blues in Memphis

                     And the only sign she will obey…(is)…


      Walk. Run Fly.

      She’s dancing in the Memphis rain.

      Soon she’ll reach for the sky.

      For now she’s waiting for the light, trying to find the light,

      Waiting for the light to change.

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