Folk Singular

Come to Bed

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


A story of confronting and rekindling what's important in a relationship.


                    COME TO BED

       Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2005

KiraPole Music, BMI / Barbara Martin Music, ASCAP

We’ve both had it up to here, and we’re heading for a fight.
In each other's faces, trying to prove who’s right
Let’s call time and count to ten, stop this arguing
And put to rest the hurting words we said…

    Come to bed
   'Cause a touch can heal
   And sometimes we both forget
   We’re here to love each other
   Come to bed.

We've been working overtime, trying to get by
Acting like a couple kids, so tired we want to cry
Maybe all we need, is just a little sleep
To get this crazy day out of our heads



Our love is bigger than this
Let's make peace with a goodnight kiss
Take my hand, climb the stairs,
And hold me, just hold me….


Come to bed…

Darling, turn the lights out…and come to bed.

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