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Going Away

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Amy Fradon


A plaintive and introspective ballad.


                     GOING AWAY
             Amy Fradon & Greg Trafidlo
Leo Rising Music, ASCAP/KiraPole Music, BMI © 2005

Thousands of stars in the sky tonight
And I don't believe it's gonna rain
But the heat in these hills burns like memories
And my mind is going away

   Gone away with the breezes
   Gone away with the wind
   Blowin' like the dust on the plains
   Going somewhere to something I never known
   But I am going away

Thousands of fireflies drift through the night
The warm winds whisper a prayer
And a longing to feel just the emptiness
A face I had hoped would be there

   Repeat chorus


Beckoning, "follow the signs."
My spirit must go, where the night only knows
A truth that's no ones but mine

Thousands of nights for all these years
My dreams have had their way
But I woke up each mornin' alone again
And this old heart welcomes the change

   Repeat chorus
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