Folk Singular


Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Denise Jordan Finley


A story of personal connection with nature and spirit.



          Greg Trafidlo & Denise Jordan Finley
Kirapole Music, BMI/Backwater Music, BMI, © 2003

I passed by a church down in East Tennessee
A Full Gospel choir sang "Nearer to Thee"
Though I was a stranger, they sang unto me
Singing in sweet harmony


   Nearer my God to thee
   Singing in sweet harmony

Now over that steeple a bluebird did fly
The sun on his back, head to the sky
The sound of that mighty old hymn did reply
Singing in sweet harmony

   Repeat chorus


And in my dreaming, as I rested there
I heard all the world in peace everywhere
Joining together in musical prayer
Singing in sweet harmony

   Repeat chorus twice
   Repeat last line

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