Folk Singular

In This Place I'm In

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


A Delta-type lament. Blues harp by Nashville's renowned Jelly Roll Johnson.



Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2006

Cold dark cell. Lay on my bed.
Pictures of the past run through my head
Now I'm paying for my ways
'Rest of my Solitary days.

    In this place I'm in I'm doing time
   Just a prisoner of my crime
   Pace the floor and contemplate my sins
   In this place I'm in

'Lean my back against the bars
'Stare into space. 'Wonder where you are
Count your tears in my sleep
And promises I didn't keep

   Repeat Chorus

Without your love I'm locked behind
This cage I've created in my mind
Search my soul to find the key
Only your reprieve can set me free

   Repeat Chorus

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