Folk Singular

Lost Daddy's Lullaby

Greg Trafidlo
Mike Pearrell


Says what many silent and absent fathers wish they could express.


                        LOST DADDY'S LULLABY
Mike Pearrell c 2002 JeMeDe Publishing, BMI

Got a picture of you stashed deep in my wallet
Little faded and worn from holding it close
You in the backyard on that old Sears swing set
You grinned at the camera in pigtails and bows
You're a little girl all grown up, and I rarely see you
Seems like I disappeared like a wandering ghost
Tonight at a truck stop just north of Topeka
I'm grabbing a memory that I miss the most

    Lie down gently to sleep
    Always waltz in your dreams
    If I could I would be there in the wink of an eye
    And sing this lost daddy's lullaby

Tucked you to bed singing Mr. Bojangles
You fell asleep smiling to a strumming guitar
You learned how to bike ride, I'd run by the handles
Summer nights on the front porch, we counted the stars
I wasn't there when you had your first date
Missed graduation when you made a speech
I lost my direction, I understand so late
Pray a trace of forgiveness is not out of reach

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