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Noche Buena en Tecaté

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


A postcard of Christmas eve south of the border. Greg and musical partner, Laura Pole, performed at Rancho La Puerta the inspiration for this song.


                Greg Trafidlo c 2003
Clouds like a halo, encircle Mount Kuchamaa
Rise to the sky like an ascending dove
Thick frost of morning, glazes the laurel
‘Til daybreak warms us with sunlight and love
   Red tails and hummingbirds, quail and coyote
   Spirits of Indians walk in theses hills
   Rocks of a million years watch in the wisdom
   At Rancho La Puerta, the door to goodwill
Manzanita’s red berries, green of the prickly pear
Cool precious rains, wash the while sage
Dreams of the people come live as the chaparral
On this Noche Buena, the evening of grace
The church in Tecate, San Guadalupe
Is dressed in its glory with rainbows of flowers
The faith of the families, pride of the elders
Awakens our hearts at this midnight hour
   Repeat chorus
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