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The Healing

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


Evokes the "inner game" of personal recovery. Features the beautiful cello of The Kandinsky Trio's Alan Weinstein.


            THE HEALING

      Greg Trafidlo © 2006

In the healing, the crystal ceiling
Reflects a thousand faces
And private lies, alibis,
You'll know them by the traces
Of your passion, that you cash in… in the night.

In the naming, the reclaiming,
The depths that take you higher
The word magician, The tricksters' mission,
Bring a belly full of fire
To break the chain, of the pain, and its might

Revival… Leaves innocence behind
Survival…Through the mending of the mind
The hero's dwelling within. Armed with loves medicine,
And the insight to win… the light.

Always the same, the inner game
Of the chalice and the blade
Destiny. The Odyssey.
Reinventing dreams you made
You can hear it, in the spirit…of the fight

Don't be dismayed. Or afraid
On this journey of the soul
The Warriors' Path, the Shadows' wrath,
Shout the challenge to be whole
While the poets' hand, understands as it writes.

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