It was a pleasure to meet you and play some music. I hope you're enjoying WV.
I found you! You were at the Maurice Dickson house concert at Marian's and Dano's on June 2nd and we chatted on the deck while they were getting set up. I was there with my dear, little Mom and sister, who had traveled in from Albuquerque for a (rare) visit. Sorry we had to leave before you performed that evening! I would love to have heard you play your mandolin. Cheers, Nancy
you should be on the cover of 'Rolling Stone'
Hey you old picker!!! How the heck are you? It's great to see you are still playing, keeping the fingers loose. I see that getting a copy of that cd I was on with you isn't easy, but I still have mine :) Hope you are well brother.
Hey! Hope to see you again one of these days!
Just popping in to say hello!
Pops Panczko polka- never knew it existed till today! Pretty neat when not many search that guys hijinks! Has anyone written a book on him or any short stories? Let me know or Bulldog Drummond!
Neat song....'Cuss me out..We sang Goodnight Irene (Wed 30th July)in a little guitar shop in Exchequer St,Dublin.I was so grateful to you, and really enjoyed the little bit of harmony we did. I think we got it just right...I hope you enjoyed the Riverdance show that night...We sing a few old timey folk tunes every Wed night in Hughes (Bar) snug,chancery street,Dublin 1.Check us out on facebook....keep in touch..great to meet you and to hear your music in dublin....Ricky ps.I did not buy that martin guitar...price was a little high...he might come down a bit then I will probably buy....
Hi cuz...just found your website. Very impressive!!! VERY proud of you. Luv ya, Jeanette
Greg, I saw you on a Youtube playing Mandolin for Tom Paxton (and his grandson!).
I had a great time playing with you and Dean last night at La Spiaza! And the CD is pretty amazing. I really love your voice, now that I've heard it up front and personal. Hope to see ~and play with~ you again soon! Ted
Merry Christmas to me - I just ordered the new CD! I am awaiting its arrival with the "openest" of arms! N.M.
All nicely done! Loved the clip. Sing it at a song swap will try to arrange here at the creek over the holidays! See you.
Finally got a moment to open and listen through your new CD you sent me... Damn! It's hands-down the best album you've put out to date! It's really top-notch in all respects -- writing, performance, production, sonics -- everything. I really love the selection of songs and the juxtaposition of your various styles throughout, and your voice is soundin' better than ever (and you already know I'm a big fan of your singing!). So, major congrats, Dude! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Azalea Music Group, Nashville
Hey Greg! Good to see you on here. Playing in Nashville anytime soon? What ever happened to Sid Crosswhite? Is he still involved in the SVSA? Thanks & God Bless
Hey Couz, I just wanted to let you know that we are proud of you.
Greg, Good website how are you? Hope still writing. Are you going to Swanni this year? Cheers, Steve
Hi Greg. I miss 3rd Street Coffeehouse. I think of it often, and all you wonderful folks there! I hope to be back, this time with a few original songs, perhaps this Summer. See you then! (I hope.)
It was such a pleasure meeting you at The Sylvia - I enjoyed the music so much! Take care and look forward to seeing you again soon! David says hello!
Nice to meet you at the Old Town School here in Chicago today. Thanks for the advice and can't wait to hear from you.
Beautiful site!
Hi,looking forward to sharing some musical good times in our backwater.If we can make you even half as welcome here as you made us feel there,we're all set for a fine weekend.
Subject: Congratulations on the great CD! Hey Greg, I started the day today listening to your new CD for the 2nd time. It's really quite good. I've got the chorus to "Harmony" going through my head and it'll probably be there all day! On the first listen, I didn't get the lyrics to "Christmas Pudding", but (and I don't quite understand this) as I was listening to one of the earlier songs I jumped forward and read the lyric and actually choked up when I got to the last two lines. Go figure. I thought it was well-written and wel; it got me! Take care and thanks again for sending me the CD. Happy New Year! Severin
Hey, I can truly say I Owe This Guy! Through his wonderful music, he inspired to get writing again and as a result, I've now completed my first CD and it wouldn't have happened without Greg's guidance and friendship. Thanks so much buddy and keep on pickin'!
Hi Greg, really enjoyed browsing your site. Keep up the great music!
Still stuck behind Rufus, fo' shizzle. Hit the C'ville road, beeatch.
Great Site!!!!! Keep up the fine work my friend.
Greg Trafidlo is a person of awesome magnitude. Just being in the same room with him can almost bring on to his/her/its knees in wonder. And to think I only ingratiated myself to him to get closer to Muriel Anderson. It's a strange and wonderful world in general...not today but most days. This sign-in has been fraudulent. Hi, Greg.
I have to tell you that I've spent a lot of time listening to "Old Dog, New Tracks" in the past couple of months and I'm really, really enjoying it.
Greg, Congratulations on a very tasteful website. Everything is laid out clearly -- no unnecessary bells and whistles. I like it! The only thing I'd suggest is to lighten some of the photographs in Photoshop, or whatever graphics program you use. Some of the details are getting lost in shadows. Steve L.
What a fine sight! Debbie thinks so too. Thank you for the props and for the linkage as well. And a belated 60th birthday (yes, I know you're THAT old:-) Your Friend and writing buddy, Rick
Hey Greg, This last CD really turned out nice. Your Buddy, Ken
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