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Greg Trafidlo: Links of Note

Trifolkal: Greg Trafidlo, Laura Pole & Neal Phillips
Web site for the trio -- A farsighted folk trio featuring tight harmonies, fiercely dedicated to fun! I've never enjoyed playing music more than with these two characters.
Neal Phillips
One of the greatest! This guy's music, quirky humor, kindness, intellect, and soul have influenced my life, not just my music, for the better. I wish everyone had a friend like him and every songwriter had a musical partner of his magnitudinous fabulosity.

Check out Neal and his music on ReverbNation. You can also find him on CD Baby.

Laura Pole
Learn more about the multi-talented Laura. Check out her Facebook business page "Eating For A Lifetime." In addition to being a musician, she is a health-supportive chef and nutrition educator.
YouTube video of Carved in Stone
Music video of the song written by Greg and Cindy Keeling, sung by Celeste Krenz.
YouTube video of Copyright Copy Wrong
For the Grammy Foundation's annual Grammys on the Hill event, Greg with fellow Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association members Barbara Martin and Larry Sakayama along with professional songwriter Darrell Brown of Los Angeles preform the song written for Rep. Bob Goodlatte.
YouTube Video of The Starbucks of County Down
Greg at the Two-Way Street Coffeehouse in Downers Grove, IL, accompanied by Dean Milano on stand-up bass and Carol Francis on pennywhistle.
YouTube Video of Let Me Break Even
Greg with Tom Dews on resonator guitar at a Cedar Run Workshop.
YouTube video of "The Artist"
Co-writer Dean Milano performs "The Artist" at the Two-Way Street Coffeehouse in Downers Grove, IL backed up by Ken Slauf on harmonica, Paul Heinz on piano.
YouTube Video of "Dewberry's Pet" by David Simpkins
Greg and Britt Misetele back up David at Roanoke's 2009 Earth Day festivities.
Paul Craft
Publisher, co-writer, friend, Nashville songwriting legend... Check out Paul's site to learn about his career and amazing accomplishments.
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
I consider Steve a musical mentor. His understanding of the craft has been an inspiration for decades. Not to mention his support of the entire folk community. His work with Cindy will "Stand the Test of Time."
Muriel Anderson
One of the top finger-style guitarists of all time. I'm proud to be a close friend. One of my homies from Downers Grove, Illinois.
David Simpkins
"Original Americana singer/songwriter" David's talent and dedication to songwriting are inspiring.
A great guy who writes the Tech column in "Performing Songwriter Magazine." If you're looking to do a great Nashville session, check out his Azalea Music Studio in Brentwood. His wife, Nancy Moran, is REALLY a Bitchin' Babe.
Two Way Street Coffee House
Folk music every week since 1970! The place for live folk music in my home town, Downers Grove, IL.
The Midnight Special
For over 50 years, there has been a three-hour, spontaneous entertainment program called "The Midnight Special." Original, offbeat and always entertaining, "The Midnight Special" is WFMT's (Chicago's Fine Arts Station - 98.7 FM) weekly aberration of folk music and farce, show tunes and satire, odds and ends, madness and escape. Hosted by Rich Warren.
The Swannanoa Gathering
The Swannanoa Gathering is a series of week-long music workshops each July and August at Warren Wilson College in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
Week-long songwriters' camps to encourage and support the work of songwriters.
Folk Era Records
Folk Era is the largest independent folk label in the Chicagoland area ... roster of albums includes both reissues and new releases from legends like The Kingston Trio, Glenn Yarbrough, The Brothers Four, John Stewart, and the Chad Mitchell Trio. ... Not being content to simply rest on the hit acts of yesterday, though, we've continued to work with younger folk acts ... [from their web site]
Rediscover Music
Rediscover Music is the mail order house for Folk Era Records and Wind River Records.


Barbara Martin
One of my favorite people! What a voice, talent, performer, songwriter, and all around great friend. She does blues proud.
Marc Baskind
Guitar master and great vocalist (and he can sell you a piano)
Denise Jordan Finley
Her musical energy is thrilling. Killer alternate tuning guitarist who writes with a heart as big as New York.
Amy Fradon
A voice the angels would envy. A seasoned professional folk singer who has played with the best of them. What a singer, what a spirit!
Rick Gordon
Hello, Mr. Chops. I'm proud to write with this versatile session guitarist who has played with musical giants: Delbert McClinton and Walter Hyatt to name just two. He also shares the funniest jokes in cyberspace.
Paddy Dougherty
Paddy has a "bold, polished voice and poetic song writing style."
Tom Dews
Tom is one of the smoothest singers, songwriters, guitar players, and blues harmonica tooters I've had the pleasure of working and writing with.
Dean Milano
Dean Milano's musical sensibilities, humor and craftsmanship are a breath of life to the singer-songwriter world. For years, his chops have been the backbone of some of Chicago's premier bands. His first solo album "Songs About Stuff" is his turn to show us his insightful writing, quirky humor, and tasty arranging that have made him the "go to" guy for decades.

Other Musical Friends

Dean Milano
Dean is another Chicagoland native and long-time musical collaborator. He is the author of "The Chicago Music Scene: 1960s and 1970s" (Greg's on page 65!) in the Images of America series.
Robert Matter
Though Robert Matter is neither Greek nor a sailor, he's got the hat. Oh, by the way, his music is a reflection of Robert's soul and sensitivity. Check out his web site.
Wiggle In The Road Records
Kent Maxson is a writer's writer who has had a greater influence on me than I even realized. The song Dirt which he wrote with my friend, the late Kin Vassey, has been a Trifolkal crowd pleaser for over a decade.


The Martin Guitar Company
Breezy Ridge Instruments, Home of John Pearse Strings