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Greg Trafidlo: Listen to the Music

Tao From The Mountain (Trifolkal)

The Ballad of Libby Congriss

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips
A tongue-in-cheek mountain song about what can happen when you pilfer intellectual property!


(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Smooth harmonies on a classic American folk ballad.

My Ramblin' Boy

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Tom Paxton
A folk classic with a fresh arrangement by Neal Phillips.

Appalachian Rap

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Laura Pole
A humorous song where the Blue Ridge mountains meet "Queen Lauraifa."

Angeline The Baker/Angelina Baker

(Greg Trafidlo)
Stephen Foster
A Stephen Foster ballad that has turned into a standard "old time" fiddle tune. Muriel Anderson on finger-style guitar.

Gospel Medley

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Americana/traditonal gospel tunes.

The Ash Grove

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
A Welsh ballad with 18th century English lyrics

Song for a Fiddler's Lady

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Greg Trafidlo
This country waltz is the story of simple ways and lasting love.

The Starbucks of County Down

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Greg Trafidlo, Neal Phillips & John Seay
A parody of a traditional Irish tune, "The Star of County Down," that swaps caffeine for Guiness.

Crossing Over into the Valley

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin
On the joy of coming home to the Shenandoah.

Who Will Watch the Homeplace?

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Kate Long
Kate Long's poignant masterpiece. It was an IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Award) Song of the Year.

This Land is Your Land

(Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal)
Woody Guthrie
The timeless folk classic by Woody Guthrie.