Old Dog New Tracks

Old Dog New Tracks

by Greg Trafidlo

Released 1997
Kira Records
Released 1997
Kira Records
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  • 02:02 Story Lyrics (I Got Stuck Behind) Buford

    Greg Trafidlo, KiraPole Music, BMI

    Our town’s not the biggest around,
    But it does have a stop sign in it.
    Takes a minute and ten from end to end,
    If you drive ‘bout five ‘bove the limit.
    That’s unless you get behind this old farmer friend of mine….

        He goes as slow as a bass boat trolls,
       In his rusty, dusty ‘fifty-four Olds.
       I’d ‘a’ been here ‘bout an hour ago,
       But I got stuck behind Buford.

    Now Sam McKay on his wedding day,
    Was to marry the grade school teacher.
    She’s cryin’ at the aisle, he’s closer than a mile,
    But just can’t reach the preacher.
    But the reason wasn’t Sam, it was our one-man traffic jam….


    Don’t you know it will be my fate,
    When I get up to the Pearly Gates.
    I’m gonna have to sit and wait,
    Staring out my windshield at his license plate.

       He goes as slow as a bass boat trolls,
       In that rusted, busted, cussed Olds.
       Saint Peter, I’d ‘a’ been here an hour ago,
       But I got stuck behind, just my luck behind,
       I got stuck behind Buford.

  • 02:56 Story Lyrics Crossing Over Into The Valley


           Greg Trafidlo, Barbara Martin, & Paul Craft

          Paul Craft Music, Dennis Morgan Music, BMI

                                 © 2003


    I last crossed these mountains head held high and sure,

    Reckless and ready to conquer the world.

    Got hung up in a neon haze, tangled in a blacktop maze.

    What was clear began to fade, now I’m heading home.




        Crossing over into the valley.

        Shenandoah, you’re my long-lost friend.

        Blue Ridge rising up to greet me.

        Sweet sanctuary, welcome me in.


    Your tumbling waterfalls, murmuring streams,

    Dogwoods in springtime still bloom in my dreams.

    White-tail deer and whippoorwills, miles of green and rolling fields.

    My heart hungers for the hills, now I’m heading home.


    Repeat Chorus




                Wherever I wander, 

                I know there’ll always be a place for me

                In your Appalachian arms.


    Repeat Chorus

  • 03:03 Story Lyrics The Tumbler
                             THE TUMBLER
               Parody of The Gambler by Don Schlitz.
               Sony/ATV Crosskeys Publishing, ASCAP
    Additional words by Greg Trafidlo and Neal Phillips (With Permission)

    On a lukewarm summer’s evening, in a laundromat in Cleveland,
    I met up with a stranger. We were both there doing sheets.
    So we took turns a’ staring, as the washers started churning.
    The boredom swirled around us, and he began to speak.

    He said, “Son, I made a life out of reading people’s laundry,
    Learning their life’s story, by the way they pour their Tide.
    And if you don’t mind my saying, I can see you’re agitated.
    For a cup of fabric softener, I’ll give you some advice.”

        You’ve got to know how to load ‘em, know how to fold ‘em.
       Know how to separate so the colors never run.
       You always count your money when you’re standing at the changer.
       ‘Cause there ain’t no chance for refunds, when the cleaning’s done.

    So I handed him my Downy, and he used up my last capful.
    Then he bummed a static sheet and an extra hanger too.
    Then his face turned whitest white, and his eyes looked unattended.
    Said, “When it comes to love and socks, boy, the magic number’s two”

    And when he finished speaking, the dryer started squeaking.
    He read a year-old People magazine and tumbled off to snooze.
    But before his clothes were finished, his pilot light extinguished.
    But in his final words of Cheer, I found All that I could use.

  • 05:01 Story Lyrics It's In The Eyes

                          IT’S IN THE EYES

              Greg Trafidlo, Laura Pole & Neal Phillips


    Some say it’s in the gentle touch of knowing hands,

    Or in the smile of friendly faces that understand,

    Or in the pleasant presence of a giving heart;

    But to truly know a soul in need it has to start….


       In the eyes…

       It’s in the eyes that see the light that shines within.

       It’s where the caring and the giving must begin…

       In the eyes.


    On the road to wellness or toward the light,

    The reflection from another’s heart can make things bright,

    By a simple act of kindness from folks who feel,

    Just by listening or consoling with words that heal.


        But it’s in the eyes… 

        Of the special ones whose remedy for pain

        Is prescribing love for loneliness to make them whole again.

        It’s in the eyes.


    They’re a shoulder to cry on,

    On a silent garden walk.

    A smile or a helping hand, a confidential talk.

    They’ll read a story, bring a blanket,

    Hold a hand or be a friend.

    It never ends…no, it never ends.


    Searching their own hearts to find a better way,

    So others can stand tall and greet a brighter day.

    Seeing and just looking are two different things.

    The ones with loving insight can give others wings.


        Repeat Chorus.


        You can read the lives of others in their eyes. 

         In their eyes.

  • 02:18 Story Lyrics Behavior/Self
                        BEHAVIOR/ SELF
    Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips, KiraPole Music, BMI

    You run with de wolves and de woman that’s wild.
    Come home and spank your inner child.
    You read de self-help book, and there’s no doubt.
    You grow and you grow ‘til you’re “growthed” out.

    You get naked with de boys and bang the drum.
    Make a lot of noise ‘til de kingdom come.
    Get sweaty from the yoga and tai chi
    You can use some aroma therapy.

       Behavior/ Self
       Behavior/ Self
       Listen to me though it may sound strange.
       Behave yourself and your life will change.

    You buy de cellular phone to keep in touch
    With the people that you don’t like too much.
    You swim with de sharks ‘til you succeed,
    So you can buy de things that you don’t need.

    You want de funeral man to put you on ice,
    So you can come back and make de same mistake twice.
    You meditate to free your soul.
    Try practicing re-birth control.

    We over eat and we over-drink,
    Overwork and we over-think.
    Smoke the Camels, and we’re high on stress.
    Turn the mind and the body to a terrible mess.

  • 03:53 Story Lyrics Big As Life

                                    BIG AS LIFE

                                   Greg Trafidlo



    The city wasn’t windy on Adams Street that day.

    “El” trains wailed on Wabash, ‘bout a block away.

    “Adams Sporting Goods” blinked the neon sign.

    When Eddie was a salesman, in Chicago, ’49.


    “I need a catcher’s uniform,” this man ran in and said.

    “Got to shoot a picture,” then he looked close at Ed.

    “Like to make some extra bucks when you get off tonight?”

    To a guy with a wife and a four-year-old, this deal seemed really right.


    Eddie searched the storeroom, and when he came back from the rear,

    Said, “I couldn’t  find a uniform, just some kid-size catcher’s gear,

    A glove, a mask, some shin guards, and a chest protector too.”

    “Well, here’s my card, be there at eight, I guess this stuff will do.”


    When Ed got to the studio on Madison near Clark,

    The man said “Kneel down, look up, like a ball just left Cubs Park.”

    He got his shot, gave Ed some cash, Ed thought this was the end.

    But you won’t know when a picture might come to life again.


    The season passed. (Cubs came in last) Tar bubbled in the street.

    On the far west side, Ed’s neighbors tried to bear the August heat.

    “Hey Ed, look at this ad in Life, this guy looks just like you! 

    Yeah, look right here, you’re selling Hamm’s beer! Now how can this be true?”


    A full-page ad in color, and the headline Eddie read:

    “Here’s how Stan Musial poles extra base hits.” And in the corner, Ed.

    “Stan the Man” just followed through, like the sphere just cleared the wall.

    Ed’s crouched down in catcher’s gear, his eyes upon the ball .


    Two coeds graced the cover, decked out and looking fine.

     But to me the real story is on page sixty-nine.

    Two heroes of my childhood, one in children’s sports attire,

    Captured for eternity, while that ball’s still soaring higher.


    “Stan the Man” swings for the stands, the catcher’s head held high.

    Just like his boy whenever he thinks about the guy,

    Who had his picture taken to support his son and wife.

    Forever there with Musial. My father big as life.

    Forever there with “Stan the Man.” My father big as life.

  • 03:05 Story Lyrics The Compost Song
             THE COMPOST SONG
         Greg Trafidlo and Laura Pole

    One day a buzzard fell out of the sky.
    The final words he spoke we can’t deny.
    “Whether man or bird or elephant,
    We will all become trace elements.”
    Yes, we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

       By and by, by and by.
       Yes, we’ll all turn to compost by and by.
       When our souls are all arisin’,
       Our remains are fertilizin’.
       Yes, we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

    “Saw a New Age undertaker from L.A.
    Said he’d show me all his caskets on display.
    His intentions weren’t debatable,
    They were all biodegradable.
    ‘Cause we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

       By and by, by and by.
       Yes, we’ll all turn to compost by and by.
       When they lay you six feet down,
       You’ll enrich this hallowed ground,
       ‘Cause we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

    So your time has come to bid this earth farewell.
    And you haven’t done much good that you can tell.
    There’s no need for an apology…
    You’re still good for the ecology.
    ‘Cause we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

       By and by, by and by.
       We’ll all turn to compost by and by.
       You’ll improve your own self worth,
       While replenishing the earth.
       Yes, we’ll all turn to compost by and by.

    ….Think of all the good you’ll do,
    When you turn to CO2.
    ‘Cause we’ll all turn to compost by and by.
    In the sweet by and by, we will meet on that recycled shore.
  • 02:31 Story Lyrics Foxfire


                       Greg Trafidlo

                 Draw Four Music, BMI


    There’s a light in the night in Carolina

    That no one can explain.

    It drifts through the hills and the valleys.

    When it’s gone with the dawn, 

    It might never come again.


    It’s a green, glowing, radiant mystery,

    Only seen when the  night owls cry;

    With a magical fascination,

    Like the light I remember in your emerald eyes.


        Foxfire...mist upon the mountains

        Foxfire…a vision to my eyes.

       You’re gone…a memory by morning.

       Now I’m bluer than the Blue Ridge and the Carolina skies.


    Were your feelings for me an illusion,

    Like that waving whisper of mist?

    Now my mind is filled with confusion,

    ‘Bout our promise of forever, the first time that we kissed.



  • 03:12 Story Lyrics Time Is A Mountian

                              TIME IS A MOUNTAIN

                                    Greg Trafidlo

                           c 2005 KiraPole Music, BMI


    “We forget to count the days.” That’s what all the locals say.

    In the hills of Virginia, time passes slow.

    (But) living in my memory yet, Are the days I won’t forget.

    With a teacher that I met, on the Charlottesville road.




         Time is a mountain, love is a rainbow.

         One is forever. One fades away.

         I’m on that Mountain with nothing but time.

         Remembering the rainbow, she left me one day.


    She never took to the simpler life.  Couldn’t be a farmhand’s wife.

    Her lesson in leaving’ clouded my eyes;

    I’ll plow the fields and tend the grain. ‘Just might see her face again,

    When the sun bursts through the rain and brightens my skies.


        Repeat Chorus


        BRIDGE:   So I’ll pray for rain.


        Repeat Chorus

  • 03:36 Story Lyrics Love In The Same Old Skin


         Freddy Bradburn & Greg Trafidlo

    c 1998 Cavet-Vanderpool Publishing, BMI


    I’m the fastest runner in this rest home.

    I won’t leave the old girls alone.

    Like to arouse them, like to get them hot.

    Some of them remember, some have forgot.


    I like to sneak up and goose the nurses,

    Read them limericks and dirty verses.

    They call me the dirty old man.

    What’s dirty about it, I don’t understand.


         And it’s love in the same old skin.

         My heart is the heart of a boy,

         As young and as strong as the wind.

         I look like now, but I feel like then.


    I was going to sneak into your room at ten,

    But I forgot what damn room you were in.

    So I went ahead and got undressed,

    Went down the hall and took a wild guess.


    It was the room of the supervisor.

    She said, “Good God Almighty, get the tranquilizers!

    Get the elephant gun and get the darts,

    Here comes an old man with workable parts.”


         Repeat Chorus


    Nobody lives forever.

    Let’s tie some sheets together.

    After bed check we’ll meet in the hall,

    And it’s out of the window and over the wall.



  • 02:46 Story Lyrics My Tears Will Turn To Snow

                 MY TEARS WILL TURN TO SNOW

                               Greg Trafidlo

     Paul Craft Music, BMI, Little House of Morgansongs, BMI

                                © 2008

    Sometimes the skies are fair when we’re together.

    There’s stillness in the air, but I know better.

    When your heart is warm, it’s the calm before the storm.

    I better be prepared for changes in the weather.


       When I hear the thunder, I just want to cry.  

       This overcast we’re under is clouding up my eyes.

       I can’t predict the weather, but there’s one thing that know:

       If your love gets any colder, my tears will turn to snow.


    Your smile can fade away, just like the seasons.

    And now the days are gray without a reason.

    I need a change of atmosphere, far away from here.

    That fickle sky’s my alibi for leavin’.




       If I could read your highs and lows,

       I wouldn’t feel this need to go.

       Each time the chilling winds of change

       Sting me to my soul.



  • 02:46 Story Lyrics It Takes As Long As It Takes

                           IT TAKES AS LONG AS IT TAKES

                                          Greg Trafidlo

                                              c 1998


    “Are we there yet?”  I used to drive my folks crazy,

    When we were riding ‘cross the country, the state, or just across the tracks.

    And what they’d tell me, seemed a bit peculiar,

    You can really confuse a kid with an answer like that. They said…


        “It takes as long as it takes,

         Lasts as long as it’s supposed to.

         Hold your horses, put on the brakes.

         It takes as long as it takes.”


    I met a woman, my heart was speeding like a stock car.

    Said, “I’ve been looking for a lady like you for eternity.

    Come on baby, let’s get this show out on the highway.”

    She just looked me in the eyes and said the words my folks said to me…




    You can’t force a flower to blossom,

    Can’t coax a crop to grow.

    Now when I hold her tight, I see they all were right.

    Good things happen to those who go slow.



  • 03:38 Story Lyrics The Seafood Shop Shantyman Song


                      Greg Trafidlo, KiraPole Music, BMI

    In the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, a frustrated sailor was born.
    He read about ships that rolled out of the slips,
    And went sailing for years ‘round the Horn.
    He learned all the reels and the shanties, still he’s twelve hundred miles from the shore.
    Instead of sea farin’, he sells pickled herrin’ at the I.G.A. grocery store.

       Ands it’s way, hey, rig up the sails, we’re off for the catch of the day.
       He sings, “Yo, Ho, ring up the sale, to broil, to bake, or fillet.”
       There’s roughy and schrod, catfish and cod, and we’re runnin’ a special on prawns.
       He sings straight from the heart to your shopping cart.
       It’s the seafood shop shantyman’s song.

    He bellows his tunes o’er the speakers, like a shantyman sings to his crew.
    “Set sail for the Seafood Department, there’s plenty of oysters for stew.
    There’s turbot and trout, and you’ll knock yourself out
    On the salmon from Frobisher Bay.
    There’s swordfish and shrimp, and we never skimp on the salads made fresh every day.”

       Chorus (Change third line)
       To broil, to bake, or flambe’.

    With his gaze on a bottle of Old Spice, halfway down on the right. Aisle ten.
    He longs for the days of the Tall Ships, and dreams they’re returnin’ again.
    And he sees himself out on the watchdeck, singin’ cadence off Pamlico Sound.
    While he’s manning his station, it’s no imitation, like those crab legs for two bucks a pound.

       Chorus (Change third line)
       To broil, to bake, or e’touffee.

  • 03:12 Story Lyrics Watcha Gonna Leave (When You Leave?)


                        Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips


         Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.

         Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.

         Whatcha gonna give to others.

         Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.




    I’d like to leave a melody, for voices raised in harmony,

    To sing beside a campfire, on a starry summer night.

    I’d like to leave a memory, of a loving home and a family,

    Of friends around a table, filled with laughter and with light.




    I’d like to leave a country road, where no one in a hurry goes,

    Where grass grows on the shoulders and the willows gently weep.

    I’d like to leave a mountain stream, where the water’s clear and the fishes dream,

    Of mayflies in the springtime, in a forest dark and deep.




     And I’d like to leave the best behind, the baker’s bread and the aging wine,

    A taste for all the people who never shared the feast.

    I’d like to leave a whole new world, where freedom flies like a soaring bird.

    Where soldiers tend their gardens, and the children sleep in peace.


         Repeat Chorus (twice)


         Tag: What we gonna leave each other,

                 What we gonna leave when we leave.

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