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Crossing Over Into The Valley

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin


On the joy of coming home to the Shenandoah. The song has been called, "... a real beauty of a love letter to the land." 



       Greg Trafidlo, Barbara Martin, & Paul Craft

      Paul Craft Music, Dennis Morgan Music, BMI

                             © 2003


I last crossed these mountains head held high and sure,

Reckless and ready to conquer the world.

Got hung up in a neon haze, tangled in a blacktop maze.

What was clear began to fade, now I’m heading home.




    Crossing over into the valley.

    Shenandoah, you’re my long-lost friend.

    Blue Ridge rising up to greet me.

    Sweet sanctuary, welcome me in.


Your tumbling waterfalls, murmuring streams,

Dogwoods in springtime still bloom in my dreams.

White-tail deer and whippoorwills, miles of green and rolling fields.

My heart hungers for the hills, now I’m heading home.


Repeat Chorus




            Wherever I wander, 

            I know there’ll always be a place for me

            In your Appalachian arms.


Repeat Chorus

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