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Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


A tune about love and other nighttime mysteries. It won the grand prize at the Louisville Area Songwriters' Competition.



                   Greg Trafidlo

             Draw Four Music, BMI


There’s a light in the night in Carolina

That no one can explain.

It drifts through the hills and the valleys.

When it’s gone with the dawn, 

It might never come again.


It’s a green, glowing, radiant mystery,

Only seen when the  night owls cry;

With a magical fascination,

Like the light I remember in your emerald eyes.


    Foxfire...mist upon the mountains

    Foxfire…a vision to my eyes.

   You’re gone…a memory by morning.

   Now I’m bluer than the Blue Ridge and the Carolina skies.


Were your feelings for me an illusion,

Like that waving whisper of mist?

Now my mind is filled with confusion,

‘Bout our promise of forever, the first time that we kissed.



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