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(I Got Stuck Behind) Buford

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


When you're in a big hurry to get somewhere, isn't there always a little old farmer in the way? Kevin Maul on dobro.


Greg Trafidlo, KiraPole Music, BMI

Our town’s not the biggest around,
But it does have a stop sign in it.
Takes a minute and ten from end to end,
If you drive ‘bout five ‘bove the limit.
That’s unless you get behind this old farmer friend of mine….

    He goes as slow as a bass boat trolls,
   In his rusty, dusty ‘fifty-four Olds.
   I’d ‘a’ been here ‘bout an hour ago,
   But I got stuck behind Buford.

Now Sam McKay on his wedding day,
Was to marry the grade school teacher.
She’s cryin’ at the aisle, he’s closer than a mile,
But just can’t reach the preacher.
But the reason wasn’t Sam, it was our one-man traffic jam….


Don’t you know it will be my fate,
When I get up to the Pearly Gates.
I’m gonna have to sit and wait,
Staring out my windshield at his license plate.

   He goes as slow as a bass boat trolls,
   In that rusted, busted, cussed Olds.
   Saint Peter, I’d ‘a’ been here an hour ago,
   But I got stuck behind, just my luck behind,
   I got stuck behind Buford.

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