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It Takes As Long As It Takes

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


The classic answer to the kid's (and growup's) question "Are we there yet?"


                       IT TAKES AS LONG AS IT TAKES

                                      Greg Trafidlo

                                          c 1998


“Are we there yet?”  I used to drive my folks crazy,

When we were riding ‘cross the country, the state, or just across the tracks.

And what they’d tell me, seemed a bit peculiar,

You can really confuse a kid with an answer like that. They said…


    “It takes as long as it takes,

     Lasts as long as it’s supposed to.

     Hold your horses, put on the brakes.

     It takes as long as it takes.”


I met a woman, my heart was speeding like a stock car.

Said, “I’ve been looking for a lady like you for eternity.

Come on baby, let’s get this show out on the highway.”

She just looked me in the eyes and said the words my folks said to me…




You can’t force a flower to blossom,

Can’t coax a crop to grow.

Now when I hold her tight, I see they all were right.

Good things happen to those who go slow.



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