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It's In The Eyes

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Laura Pole


A heartfelt tribute to caregivers.


                      IT’S IN THE EYES

          Greg Trafidlo, Laura Pole & Neal Phillips


Some say it’s in the gentle touch of knowing hands,

Or in the smile of friendly faces that understand,

Or in the pleasant presence of a giving heart;

But to truly know a soul in need it has to start….


   In the eyes…

   It’s in the eyes that see the light that shines within.

   It’s where the caring and the giving must begin…

   In the eyes.


On the road to wellness or toward the light,

The reflection from another’s heart can make things bright,

By a simple act of kindness from folks who feel,

Just by listening or consoling with words that heal.


    But it’s in the eyes… 

    Of the special ones whose remedy for pain

    Is prescribing love for loneliness to make them whole again.

    It’s in the eyes.


They’re a shoulder to cry on,

On a silent garden walk.

A smile or a helping hand, a confidential talk.

They’ll read a story, bring a blanket,

Hold a hand or be a friend.

It never ends…no, it never ends.


Searching their own hearts to find a better way,

So others can stand tall and greet a brighter day.

Seeing and just looking are two different things.

The ones with loving insight can give others wings.


    Repeat Chorus.


    You can read the lives of others in their eyes. 

     In their eyes.

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