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Love In The Same Old Skin

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Freddie Bradburn


What happens when there's a old man in a rest home with "workable parts" who "looks like now, but feels like then."



     Freddy Bradburn & Greg Trafidlo

c 1998 Cavet-Vanderpool Publishing, BMI


I’m the fastest runner in this rest home.

I won’t leave the old girls alone.

Like to arouse them, like to get them hot.

Some of them remember, some have forgot.


I like to sneak up and goose the nurses,

Read them limericks and dirty verses.

They call me the dirty old man.

What’s dirty about it, I don’t understand.


     And it’s love in the same old skin.

     My heart is the heart of a boy,

     As young and as strong as the wind.

     I look like now, but I feel like then.


I was going to sneak into your room at ten,

But I forgot what damn room you were in.

So I went ahead and got undressed,

Went down the hall and took a wild guess.


It was the room of the supervisor.

She said, “Good God Almighty, get the tranquilizers!

Get the elephant gun and get the darts,

Here comes an old man with workable parts.”


     Repeat Chorus


Nobody lives forever.

Let’s tie some sheets together.

After bed check we’ll meet in the hall,

And it’s out of the window and over the wall.



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