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My Tears Will Turn To Snow

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


That's what'll happen if your love get any colder!



                           Greg Trafidlo

 Paul Craft Music, BMI, Little House of Morgansongs, BMI

                            © 2008

Sometimes the skies are fair when we’re together.

There’s stillness in the air, but I know better.

When your heart is warm, it’s the calm before the storm.

I better be prepared for changes in the weather.


   When I hear the thunder, I just want to cry.  

   This overcast we’re under is clouding up my eyes.

   I can’t predict the weather, but there’s one thing that know:

   If your love gets any colder, my tears will turn to snow.


Your smile can fade away, just like the seasons.

And now the days are gray without a reason.

I need a change of atmosphere, far away from here.

That fickle sky’s my alibi for leavin’.




   If I could read your highs and lows,

   I wouldn’t feel this need to go.

   Each time the chilling winds of change

   Sting me to my soul.



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