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Time Is A Mountian

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


"Time is a mountain, love is a rainbow. One lasts forever, one fades away..."




                          TIME IS A MOUNTAIN

                                Greg Trafidlo

                       c 2005 KiraPole Music, BMI


“We forget to count the days.” That’s what all the locals say.

In the hills of Virginia, time passes slow.

(But) living in my memory yet, Are the days I won’t forget.

With a teacher that I met, on the Charlottesville road.




     Time is a mountain, love is a rainbow.

     One is forever. One fades away.

     I’m on that Mountain with nothing but time.

     Remembering the rainbow, she left me one day.


She never took to the simpler life.  Couldn’t be a farmhand’s wife.

Her lesson in leaving’ clouded my eyes;

I’ll plow the fields and tend the grain. ‘Just might see her face again,

When the sun bursts through the rain and brightens my skies.


    Repeat Chorus


    BRIDGE:   So I’ll pray for rain.


    Repeat Chorus

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