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Watcha Gonna Leave (When You Leave?)

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips


An anthem about leaving the best behind for others.



                    Greg Trafidlo & Neal Phillips


     Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.

     Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.

     Whatcha gonna give to others.

     Whatcha gonna leave when you leave.




I’d like to leave a melody, for voices raised in harmony,

To sing beside a campfire, on a starry summer night.

I’d like to leave a memory, of a loving home and a family,

Of friends around a table, filled with laughter and with light.




I’d like to leave a country road, where no one in a hurry goes,

Where grass grows on the shoulders and the willows gently weep.

I’d like to leave a mountain stream, where the water’s clear and the fishes dream,

Of mayflies in the springtime, in a forest dark and deep.




 And I’d like to leave the best behind, the baker’s bread and the aging wine,

A taste for all the people who never shared the feast.

I’d like to leave a whole new world, where freedom flies like a soaring bird.

Where soldiers tend their gardens, and the children sleep in peace.


     Repeat Chorus (twice)


     Tag: What we gonna leave each other,

             What we gonna leave when we leave.

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