The Crawlspace Tapes

Ain't No Words

Greg Trafidlo
Greg Trafidlo


This is the story of a songwriter's dilemma á la Leon Redbone.



         by Greg Trafidlo, KiraPole Music, BMI

Hey neighbor, 'ever have those days?
When you suffer that severe malaise
Well, there ain't no words for the way I feel

I'll try to tell you 'bout this tune inside
My mind is moving but my tongue is tied
'Cause there ain't no words for the way I feel

I go for the chorus, a vacant thesaurus
Is anemically pernicious
There's no solution through circumlocution
It's indescribably malicious

This sad modality I'm living in
Evokes a vacuous oblivion
'Cause there ain't no words for the way I feel

Verses are vexing, prose is perplexing,
Attempting to serve this song
I know I'm just messin', with hollow expression
When the malady lingers on

'Guess it's best to just resign my fate
'Accept this funk I can't articulate
(When) there ain't no words for the way I feel…
There's no vernacular
There ain't no idiom…
There ain't no…… for the way I feel

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