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  1. Behavior / Self

From the recording The Crawlspace Tapes


BEHAVIOR/ SELF by Greg Trafidlo and Neal Phillips,
               KiraPole Music, BMI

You run with de wolves and de woman that’s wild.
Come home and spank your inner child.
You read de self-help book, and there’s no doubt.
You grow and you grow ‘til you’re “growthed” out.

You get naked with de boys and bang the drum.
Make a lot of noise ‘til de kingdom come.
Get sweaty from the yoga and tai chi
You can use some aroma therapy.   

Behavior/ Self   
Behavior/ Self   
Listen to me though it may sound strange.   
Behave yourself and your life will change.

You buy de cellular phone to keep in touch
With the people that you don’t like too much.
You swim with de sharks ‘til you succeed,
So you can buy de things that you don’t need.

You want de funeral man to put you on ice,
So you can come back and make de same mistake twice.
You meditate to free your soul.
Try practicing re-birth control.

We over eat and we over-drink,
Overwork and we over-think.
Smoke the Camels, and we’re high on stress.
Turn the mind and the body to a terrible mess.