From the recording Carved in Song

Co-writer, Ron Sowell, is musical director of the internationally acclaimed public radio show, Mountain Stage.


    by Greg Trafidlo & Ron Sowell    Chorus:    “Life is like a grocery coupon    That you clip from Sunday’s flyer    Just have faith and it will save you    If it‘s redeemed ‘fore you expire”Many aisles we must walk downMany choices we must makeWill it be paper or plastic?Microwave or oven bake?Tasty treats and sweet temptationsWe must pass along the wayBut we won’t need paper productsJust beyond that Pearly Gate    Repeat ChorusSome say you can’t take it with youOthers say of course you canLet the angels bag your groceriesAnd guide you to that Promised LandWhen you fill your final basketYou must be free of fear and doubt‘Fore you face that heavenly scannerWhen it’s time for checking out    Bridge:Take heed Oh my Brothers. ‘The line that reads “Express”Is only there for others with twenty sins or less    Repeat chorus