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  1. Carved in Stone

From the recording Carved in Song

A loved one's plaintive story remembering a fallen soldier sung by Celeste Krenz. See the YouTube music video for this song starring Laura Pole, Terry Dollar and the now dear departed furry companions: Rumi, the greyhound, and Ralph Bravetail, Canine American.


           CARVED IN STONE
Cindy Keeling and Greg Trafidlo © 2006Hey SallyIt's been years since I had the chance to come back hereTo our hometownBeen hanging out on the courthouse squareBy the old memorial therereading names of local heroes.A few more yearsFew more namesFew more tears cried at this placeAnd more prayers than we'll ever knowFor memories CARVED IN STONEHey SallyI just saw your daughter down in ArkansasShe's doing fineShe's got two dogs and a piece of landBuilt a cabin with her own handsOver three years in the summertimeShe's got your eyesGot your steelTakes on the world like it's no big dealI've always loved her like my ownLike a promise CARVED IN STONEThe roads we chose to takeTook us separate waysBefore I had the chance to say...Hey SallyYou were the best big sister I could ever haveAnd I miss youAnd how we'd walk down here on a summer nightTalkin' about the things we'd likeTo see and do when we had the timeBut that was thenNow I stand withTwo inch letters beneath my handLieutenant Katherine Sally JonesForever CARVED IN STONEHey SallyIt's been years since I had the chance to come back hereTo our hometown