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  1. Sugar Bowl

From the recording Carved in Song

Yep, all true memories of Greg's childhood sledding at a park near his home in Downers Grove, Illinois.


Greg Trafidlo © 2008For as long as I remember, it happened each December(At) That crater in the woods by Gilbert ParkA bunch of friends together, like bold Olympic sleddersWe'd careen, down that ravine, even after dark    Chorus:    Oh-oh… Don't you want to go?    Slipping and a-sliding down a Sugar BowlThose sleds were hard to handle, the runners waxed with candles,Used flattened boxes, skis and trash can lidsMy cousin bruised his noggin. Busted his tobogganBut it didn't mean, a hill of beans, to a happy bunch of kidsSlush inside our snow boots.Bounced over rocks and tree roots.Faster than a Burlington trainYou'll wind up in St. Joes Creek, If you don't have the techniqueThen from the top, we'd belly flop, and climb that hill again    Repeat ChorusBridge:Now that canyon's not as steep as yesterdayBut it does me good to watch 'em sledding,… in the same old way    Repeat Chorus