From the recording Folk Singular

A ballad of lost love.


                ONCE THERE WAS AN "US"
                 Greg Trafidlo & Paul Craft
Paul Craft Music, BMI/Little House of Morgansongs,
BMI c 2003

I've got pictures.
Quite a few
Of the better days, of me and you
Cards and letters, you to me
Show so clearly how it used to be

Once there was an "us"    
Once, before it turned to dust    
Once upon a dream, things were what they seemed    
Once there was an "us"

The same old café, same old booth
(But) now there's me, with the awful truth.
Same old juke box, knows the words 
Nothing's new, except the hurt 

Repeat Chorus

We were younger, with a hunger that could never end    
Excited, united, but this is now, that was then

Repeat Chorus   (Turnaround last line)