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Goodlatte Inspires Musical Tribute" - click on the "Roll Call" link below for a brief news story and video of a performance by Greg with fellow Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association members Barbara Martin and Larry Sakayama along with professional songwriter Darrell Brown of Los Angeles. They were participants in The Grammy Foundation's 2013 "Grammys on the Hill" Advocacy Day. Lyrics for the song, "Copy-Right Copy-Wrong" can be found here.” - Neda Semnani

Roll Call: the Source for News on Capitol Hill

I thought your song was the highlight last year. Good stuff and something those attending didn't expect at all." [Greg performed and gave songwriting workshops for several years at this annual event held at Hollins University in Roanoke.] Here are the lyrics for several songs written and performed especially for this audience of writers at several of the past conferences: There Ain't No Words (For the Way I Feel)  R.E.J.E.C.T. (With apologies to Otis Redding) The Letter (With apologies to Wayne Carson) ” - Dan Smith, Director

— Roanoke Regional Writers' Conference

The Immaculate Heartache" Review of Charlie Sizemore's CD Heartache Looking For A Home - The last track on the CD is Greg's and Barbara Martin's "Crossing Over Into The Valley": Heartache Looking For a Home needed something more to go out on, and Sizemore found it in ... a real beauty of a love letter to the land in “Crossing Over Into the Valley.” Concerning a wanderer’s return from the big city to the Shenandoah Valley of his raising, the song marks an occasion of reconciliation with nature and memory as reflected in Sizemore’s plaintive, heart tugging vocal celebrating the reconnection with his roots (“sweet sanctuary, welcome me in”) in terms also suggesting the work of providence in guiding him back to where his soul will restored. Thus does Sizemore guide us back to where we belong, too, examining our own hearts for proof of what really matters. What could be more perfect?” - David McGee