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"Omicron Is Coming to Town""If You Only Had a Dog"  and "Katchup On The Wall" Enjoy!

In Memory of ...

Tom Paxton - Personal e-mail 

"Greg Trafidlo has never been housebroken, a situation greatly appreciated by those of us who haven't forgotten how to laugh. Lighten up, sourpusses! Greg is on the loose again!"

Don Henry - CD Liner Notes 

"I Took My Gut To Town to meet Greg Trafidlo at the Mediocre Starbucks Of County Down. I Got Stuck Behind Buford and the Seafood Shop Shanty Man in the Gridlock Candy Mountains. But Life Is Like A Grocery Coupon or a Ballad Of Libby Congriss, you just have to Behavior/Self and New Adventures Of Old Maui will Compost your song For Just $2.00! (Unless you’re stuck in The Tumbler like an Arfin' Dog.) As always, honored that you even care what I think. There Ain’t No Words, Don “Pops Panzcko” Henry
P.S. Great record my friend. You know how I love to smile!"

Sally Barris - CD Liner Notes 

"As long as Greg keeps writing songs, I will never be in danger of taking myself too seriously. Greg’s songs remind me to sit back, relax and laugh at life and mostly myself!"

Wayne Faust - Picklehead Music 

"Recently we heard about this guy and his music and had to check him out. He's a legendary folkie from the East Coast and Chicago... The reason we got in touch with him is because he just released a new album featuring 16 of his funniest songs, and well, that's what we do here at Picklehead. So check out this great new album." 

John McCutcheon - Personal e-mail 

"I enjoyed The Crawlspace Tapes. Smart, clever, and fun...all you could ask from any song. I've always told my songwriting students that it's more difficult to write a funny song than a serious one. But you made it sound easy."