Folk Singular

Folk Singular

by Greg Trafidlo

Released 2006
Kira Records
Released 2006
Kira Records
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  • 03:32 Story Lyrics Harmony


              Greg Trafidlo & Denise Jordan Finley
    Kirapole Music, BMI/Backwater Music, BMI, © 2003

    I passed by a church down in East Tennessee
    A Full Gospel choir sang "Nearer to Thee"
    Though I was a stranger, they sang unto me
    Singing in sweet harmony


       Nearer my God to thee
       Singing in sweet harmony

    Now over that steeple a bluebird did fly
    The sun on his back, head to the sky
    The sound of that mighty old hymn did reply
    Singing in sweet harmony

       Repeat chorus


    And in my dreaming, as I rested there
    I heard all the world in peace everywhere
    Joining together in musical prayer
    Singing in sweet harmony

       Repeat chorus twice
       Repeat last line

  • 03:44 Story Lyrics Pops Panczko Polka

                       POPS PANCZKO POLKA 

                           by Greg Trafidlo

    Looking at the obits, I came across a crook
    Joe Panczko was the kind at whom the judge could throw the book
    Two hundred times arrested, sixteen years, not concurrent
    I found this fascinating, wouldn’t sing this if it weren’t.

    His crime career spanned forty years, so the story’s told
    A bullet-ridden burglar with a heart of gold
    In win’try old Chicago, he stole a Cadillac
    With a spaniel in the back seat, so he brought the doggie back

    During the Great Depression, to help his family
    Young Joe stole peanut butter, and other groceries
    He grew more proficient, moved on to bigger things
    He heisted furs and typewriters and also diamond rings


        It’s the Pops Panczko Polka
        Any safe, he would crack it
        The Pops Panczko Polka
        A pistol, he would pack it
        The Pops Panczko Polka
        He’d walk off with your jacket
        He said, “All my life I stole things... That’s my racket.”

    Panczko’s brother, Peanuts, was not the best of men
    He ratted on poor Joseph. Joe got four years in the pen
    Why he gave up his brother, I do not understand
    Except his relocation in the Fed protection plan

    Joe could open car trunks by giving them a whack
    One time he stole his lawyer’s files and didn’t give them back
    His last police encounter was just two years ago
    When burglars busted into his North Side bungalow

    His family wouldn’t ‘fess up, ‘bout how and when he died
    I’m sure a mob of people paid their respects and cried
    Folks from the old neighborhood lined up around the block
    To see if Joseph Panczko would pick the coffin lock

        Repeat Chorus

    Chicago’s best know felon, the Polish "Robin Hood"
    Was buried on da North Side, his case was closed for good
    From Heaven’s gate he’d tell us, “Don’t wallow in you grief.
    I’m troo wit crime, my feet are tired. Hey, I was just a teef.”

        Tag: It’s the Pops Panczko Polka

  • 02:57 Story Lyrics Come to Bed

                        COME TO BED

           Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2005

    KiraPole Music, BMI / Barbara Martin Music, ASCAP

    We’ve both had it up to here, and we’re heading for a fight.
    In each other's faces, trying to prove who’s right
    Let’s call time and count to ten, stop this arguing
    And put to rest the hurting words we said…

        Come to bed
       'Cause a touch can heal
       And sometimes we both forget
       We’re here to love each other
       Come to bed.

    We've been working overtime, trying to get by
    Acting like a couple kids, so tired we want to cry
    Maybe all we need, is just a little sleep
    To get this crazy day out of our heads



    Our love is bigger than this
    Let's make peace with a goodnight kiss
    Take my hand, climb the stairs,
    And hold me, just hold me….


    Come to bed…

    Darling, turn the lights out…and come to bed.

  • 04:36 Story Lyrics Lost Daddy's Lullaby
                            LOST DADDY'S LULLABY
    Mike Pearrell c 2002 JeMeDe Publishing, BMI

    Got a picture of you stashed deep in my wallet
    Little faded and worn from holding it close
    You in the backyard on that old Sears swing set
    You grinned at the camera in pigtails and bows
    You're a little girl all grown up, and I rarely see you
    Seems like I disappeared like a wandering ghost
    Tonight at a truck stop just north of Topeka
    I'm grabbing a memory that I miss the most

        Lie down gently to sleep
        Always waltz in your dreams
        If I could I would be there in the wink of an eye
        And sing this lost daddy's lullaby

    Tucked you to bed singing Mr. Bojangles
    You fell asleep smiling to a strumming guitar
    You learned how to bike ride, I'd run by the handles
    Summer nights on the front porch, we counted the stars
    I wasn't there when you had your first date
    Missed graduation when you made a speech
    I lost my direction, I understand so late
    Pray a trace of forgiveness is not out of reach

  • 04:28 Story Lyrics Chevy in Heaven

                  CHEVY IN HEAVEN

                 Greg Trafidlo © 2005

    Saturday mornings, I'd walk out in my jammies
    There'd be my Daddy, with his bucket and his chamois
    High-pressure nozzle. A natural sponge
    Elbow grease to clean the grunge
    Then fortune dealt us all a double whammy

    Drove off toward the Auto Zone, he's low on Turtle Wax
    That was many years ago, and he never did come back
    It ain't the angels bowling, or the hammer of Thor
    He's haulin' tail to Gods' Pep Boys store
    Every time I hear the thunder crack

        Daddy's washing the Chevy on high
       That car shines like a comet in the sky
       We miss him and his old fifty-seven
       Daddy's washing the Chevy in heaven

    With his sacred Simonize he's buffing out the dings
    In a spotless robe, where the white dove sings
    When storm clouds' form and spring rain falls
    He's cleaning tar off the old white walls
    And pit marks from his chrome plated wings

       Repeat chorus

  • 04:19 Story Lyrics The Healing

                THE HEALING

          Greg Trafidlo © 2006

    In the healing, the crystal ceiling
    Reflects a thousand faces
    And private lies, alibis,
    You'll know them by the traces
    Of your passion, that you cash in… in the night.

    In the naming, the reclaiming,
    The depths that take you higher
    The word magician, The tricksters' mission,
    Bring a belly full of fire
    To break the chain, of the pain, and its might

    Revival… Leaves innocence behind
    Survival…Through the mending of the mind
    The hero's dwelling within. Armed with loves medicine,
    And the insight to win… the light.

    Always the same, the inner game
    Of the chalice and the blade
    Destiny. The Odyssey.
    Reinventing dreams you made
    You can hear it, in the spirit…of the fight

    Don't be dismayed. Or afraid
    On this journey of the soul
    The Warriors' Path, the Shadows' wrath,
    Shout the challenge to be whole
    While the poets' hand, understands as it writes.

  • 03:24 Story Lyrics In This Place I'm In

             IN THIS PLACE I'M IN

    Greg Trafidlo & Barbara Martin © 2006

    Cold dark cell. Lay on my bed.
    Pictures of the past run through my head
    Now I'm paying for my ways
    'Rest of my Solitary days.

        In this place I'm in I'm doing time
       Just a prisoner of my crime
       Pace the floor and contemplate my sins
       In this place I'm in

    'Lean my back against the bars
    'Stare into space. 'Wonder where you are
    Count your tears in my sleep
    And promises I didn't keep

       Repeat Chorus

    Without your love I'm locked behind
    This cage I've created in my mind
    Search my soul to find the key
    Only your reprieve can set me free

       Repeat Chorus

  • 03:43 Story Lyrics Going Away
                         GOING AWAY
                 Amy Fradon & Greg Trafidlo
    Leo Rising Music, ASCAP/KiraPole Music, BMI © 2005

    Thousands of stars in the sky tonight
    And I don't believe it's gonna rain
    But the heat in these hills burns like memories
    And my mind is going away

       Gone away with the breezes
       Gone away with the wind
       Blowin' like the dust on the plains
       Going somewhere to something I never known
       But I am going away

    Thousands of fireflies drift through the night
    The warm winds whisper a prayer
    And a longing to feel just the emptiness
    A face I had hoped would be there

       Repeat chorus


    Beckoning, "follow the signs."
    My spirit must go, where the night only knows
    A truth that's no ones but mine

    Thousands of nights for all these years
    My dreams have had their way
    But I woke up each mornin' alone again
    And this old heart welcomes the change

       Repeat chorus
  • 02:56 Story Lyrics Ain't No Words


                        Greg Trafidlo
                KiraPole Music, BMI © 2005

    Hey neighbor, 'ever have those days?
    When you suffer that severe malaise
    Well, there ain't no words for the way I feel

    I'll try to tell you 'bout this tune inside
    My mind is moving but my tongue is tied
    'Cause there ain't no words for the way I feel

    I go for the chorus, a vacant thesaurus
    Is anemically pernicious
    There's no solution through circumlocution
    It's indescribably malicious

    This sad modality I'm living in
    Evokes a vacuous oblivion
    'Cause there ain't no words for the way I feel

    Verses are vexing, prose is perplexing,
    Attempting to serve this song
    I know I'm just messin', with hollow expression
    When the malady lingers on

    'Guess it's best to just resign my fate
    'Accept this funk I can't articulate
    (When) there ain't no words for the way I feel…
    There's no vernacular
    There ain't no idiom…
    There ain't no…… for the way I feel

  • 02:34 Story Lyrics The Starbucks of County Down


    Greg Trafidlo, Neal Phillips, & John Seay c 2003

    On a tour bus bound out of Dublin Town
    One morning last July
    Passed a sweet colleen, wearing cut-off jeans
    Thought she winked as she caught my eye

    I asked the driver if he did know
    Where this lovely lass hangs around
    He said, she's the queen of the steam machine
    At the Starbucks of County Down

        Like soft ice cream from the Dairy Queen
        Her skin was as fair as I've found
        No babe I've seen like the sweet colleen
        From the Starbucks of County Down

    I roved right down to her café counter
    And I ordered a tall latté
    Made her laugh when I said, "decaf"
    And I knew she'd be mine that day

        Her eyes were green as young coffee beans
        Her hair it was hazelnut brown
        There was foam and froth, when we pledged our troth
        At the Starbucks of County Down

    Roasted, dark, espresso blend
    Columbian freshly ground
    These are all great words that you have not heard
    As this song is a-winding down

        From Bantry Beach to Seattle streets
        From Galway to Puget Sound
        No babe I've seen like my sweet colleen
        The barista of County Down

    Yes, my bride's the queen of the cappuccin... o
    At the Starbucks of County Down

  • 03:50 Story Lyrics Once There Was An Us

                    ONCE THERE WAS AN "US"

                      Greg Trafidlo & Paul Craft

    Paul Craft Music, BMI/Little House of Morgansongs, BMI c 2003

    I've got pictures. Quite a few
    Of the better days, of me and you
    Cards and letters, you to me
    Show so clearly how it used to be


         Once there was an "us"
         Once, before it turned to dust
         Once upon a dream, things were what they seemed
         Once there was an "us"

    The same old café, same old booth
    (But) now there's me, with the awful truth.
    Same old juke box, knows the words 
    Nothing's new, except the hurt 

    Repeat Chorus


         We were younger, with a hunger that could never end
         Excited, united, but this is now, that was then

    Repeat Chorus   (Turnaround last line)

  • 04:51 Story Lyrics Noche Buena en Tecaté
    NOCHE BUENA EN TECATE (En Rancho La Puerta)
                    Greg Trafidlo c 2003
    Clouds like a halo, encircle Mount Kuchamaa
    Rise to the sky like an ascending dove
    Thick frost of morning, glazes the laurel
    ‘Til daybreak warms us with sunlight and love
       Red tails and hummingbirds, quail and coyote
       Spirits of Indians walk in theses hills
       Rocks of a million years watch in the wisdom
       At Rancho La Puerta, the door to goodwill
    Manzanita’s red berries, green of the prickly pear
    Cool precious rains, wash the while sage
    Dreams of the people come live as the chaparral
    On this Noche Buena, the evening of grace
    The church in Tecate, San Guadalupe
    Is dressed in its glory with rainbows of flowers
    The faith of the families, pride of the elders
    Awakens our hearts at this midnight hour
       Repeat chorus
  • 03:05 Story Lyrics Wrong Side of Love


             Greg Trafidlo & Marc Baskind
             KiraPole Music, BMI © 2005

    Innocent smile, passionate a kiss
    Designed for disaster, had to end up like this
    Although it is strong, it's borrowed and wrong,
    But I can't let it go
    You say its' over and I'm on my own and you're on your way
    Why can't it be different? Why can't you just stay?
    And keep what we had, I'm hurtin' so bad
    On the wrong side of love

    I know that you're here, to tell me goodbye
    Although it kills me, I understand why
    What else could we do? I wasn't yours
    And you sure were not mine
    Gotta believe me, I'm gonna be lost. Lost and alone
    Don't think I can make it out here on my own
    And I need you here. I see it so clear
    From the back side of love

    Well I thought that I knew love
    And I knew just what it was,
    Then there was you. Then there was you
    Does it have to be this way?
    Could we ever have our day?
    Tell me what I've gotta do

    You got my heart, you own my soul
    Driving me crazy. Out of control
    I'm down on my knees, won't you rescue me please
    From the wrong side of love

    You got my heart, you own my soul
    Driving me crazy. Out of control
    I'm down on my knees, won't you rescue me please
    From the wrong side of love

  • 01:47 Story Lyrics Christmas Pudding


                Greg Trafidlo, ©2006
    (Based on traditional fiddle tune "Sally Goodin")   
    Here's a Jeffersonian recipe
    Grab yourself a pencil and listen to me
    Get a big bowl, preferably wooden
    We're gonna make a Christmas puddin'
        Mix cinnamon, ginger, a little nutmeg
        Ask a chicken for three fresh eggs
        Add raisins, cherries, dates and plums
        You'll be surprised what it becomes
    Separate the egg whites from the yolks
    I promise there'll be no chicken jokes
    A cup of milk, self-rising flour
    The whole thing takes about six hours
        Them's the fixin's you will need
        Throw in the yolks, mix thoroughly
        A little more milk to make it stiff
        It's gonna start rising in a jiff
        Instrumental Break
    Put the dough in big cheesecloth
    Hang it from a wire like a three-toed sloth
    Boil in water, for about five hours
    Take it from the pot, it's ready to devour
        Cover it with butter or a sugar glaze
        Put in on the table for the holidays
        Have a happy New Year, make it a goodin'
        And save me a piece of that Christmas puddin'

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